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Godzilla vs Jesus

Yes, there are toys out there that pits the great powerful Godzilla against Jesus in an epic battle for world dominance. So who comes out on top in this world wide war to establish their presence on Earth?

The King of the Jews against the King of the monsters sounds like something the sci fi channel might produce and you know what, I might be inclined to watch whatever shit show they actually make.

We all know Godzilla and what he can do. Pretty much hes impervious to most weapons and he can play wack a mole with his tail, destroying buildings, monsters, and humans easily. His atomic breath by itself is something to fear. Hes almost unbeatable.

Jesus? I'm sure he can fly, maybe he has some sort of Super Saiyan ability that makes him jump up in power levels, maybe he can even shoot lasers from his eyes and teleport. Jesus is like Nightcrawler and Gambit if they merged and wasnt blue, but kinda looks like Gandalf the grey. But in this package, it looks like he said fuck it and is gonna use the US military against Godzilla, including a fucking nuke.

I think Jesus is out of his element in this fight and didnt do his homework on Godzilla with nuclear weapons, all you're gonna do is make Zilla a hundred times stronger and more pissed off. I'm not sure Jesus can amount enough people and weapons to stop the Giant fire breathing lizard who just wants balance in the world.

I wonder who thought that a "Jesus vs Godzilla" toy package was the right way to go. I really wish I could be at the table where someone was like, "Ok, anyone have any new ideas of cheap toys we can produce," and some dude got all excited and screamed out, "Godzilla verses Jesus!" Then the room was silent, as everyone laughed in their head about the idea until slowly they came around and wish they thought of it first.

So who you got? Jesus with his Tiger uppercut or Godzilla with his sliding tail kick? You decide!

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