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Godzilla vs Dragonzord

So Bat in the Sun, who makes amazing content with our favorite characters battling it out on screen to see who would come out on top via vote, along with the alternate ending, made Godzilla vs Dragonzord!

Now who wouldnt want two mega giants fighting it out to the death? But Godzilla? Tommy Oliver is one tough dude, but fucking with the giant sized King of all Monsters is a no-no. Even with the Power Rangers along side him in the Megazord, I still wouldnt give them a chance.

But is that how everyone voted? You bet your ass they voted right. Godzilla is a beast that shouldn't be messed with and I'm hoping King Kong gets what he deserves later this year, the same exact experience that Tommy and his Dragonzord gets in this outstanding video.

I mean, in your opinion, do you think Godzilla would fall to the Dragonzord? Or do you think Godzilla would of drop kicked Tommy's zord into oblivion?

So watch the show go down in this YouTube video and see how well Tommy attempts to handle Godzilla! Video is right below!

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