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Go home Oakland!

We are close to the New York Yankees facing a one game elimination playoff game against the Oakland Athletics, who I wish got lost and had to forfeit the game. But that's not happening.

This Yankee team was up and down this year, I know thethere was a period of absolute dominance, but that feels like it was a year ago already. Now, it's up to Severino. Our beloved potential franchise number one starter, up to battle the dreaded Athletics, the evil Oakland team, the only Oakland team that will even sniff the playoffs. Yea, that was directed at you Raiders!

Now I sit, waiting, hoping, that my hatred Yankees blow the damn doors off Oakland and send them packing back home where they belong.

So please. Judge. Sanchez. Severino. Send them home. Send them to Oakland. Show them they dont belong here and bring on Boston!!!

#yankees #YanksvsAthletics #MLB

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