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Go Go Power Rangers: Cobra Kai Edition

Alpha, Rita's escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude!

Ok Zordon you weird bastard, hold the hell on. When the Power Rangers were needed in 1993 to defeat Rita, monsters, and evil Giants, Zordon called upon five teens to become his warriors against that evil. Teens who could of died. Teens that knew some karate were thrown to the wolves, made to wear military armor, and drive giant mechs to fight aliens almost every week.


Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini were randomly selected in the Power Ranger hunger games to defend the Earth. Angel Grove would never be the same again, but what if Zordon was based secretly in the Valley in California, and what if that universe converged with the Karate Kid universe, which kids would of been selected to become warriors to fight off aliens and potentially get PTSD when they're older? Who would be the leader? Let's just stick with five like original group, with the colors Red, Yellow, Pink, blue, and black.

1. Pink Ranger - Sam LaRusso

Of course, this is easy. Sam is a finely tuned instrument of multiple styles of martial arts and even begins her own style of fighting at the end of season 4. She's tough, smart, and is surrounded by drama. She definitely has the attitude Zordon craves for his proxy wars.

2. Yellow- Tori Nichols

She's a bad ass with a full tank of attitude. She would be the kind of power Ranger that would take it upon herself to teleport right into Rita's stronghold and literally kill everyone much to Zordons shock. She's also got a strong head on her shoulders and refuses to quit despite the odds against her. She's the type of character that if you were Rita, you would think twice about attacking Earth.

3. Black- Eli Moskowitz

He's smart and a brilliant fighter. Not only could he figure some technical shit out, he can kick your ass. He's fast and has the ability to switch tactics. His only problem is confidence and still trying to figure himself out. He would definitely be one of the Rangers I would want with me fighting stupid Puddies.

4. Blue- Robby Keene

He could definitely be the Green Ranger, he fits that mold to a T. If this was real I could definitely see Rita changing Robby into her own warrior to take on the rest of the team. He's smart and cunning, he's quick thinking, and if he wasn't emotionally damaged I could see him being the leader.

5. Red- Miguel Diaz

Miguel would definitely be the leader, I just trust his judgment more than the rest of the crew, I also believe he would be the only one that can turn that group into a team. He's fast, learns quickly, and can adapt on the fly when needed. Even being surrounded by constant drama, I'm still comfortable with him running the team.

Others I Thought about that could of been on the team weren't mentioned because these are the top five in my eyes. This group is the one I'd assemble if I was Zordon, although the drama might make this roster unstable, I'm aware of that. They may all just piss each other off so much that they attack each other in their Zords and destroy California Im the process. Hopefully they can keep their shit straight and not try and murder each other, and hopefully Miguel can keep Tori's murderous rage in check, so she doesn't say F it and just behead Rita, although, wouldn't that stop all this evil nonsense?

I wanted Kyler Park on this team, but he couldn't Crack the roster. He's fast, strong, and is just a big powerful bully that could strike first, strike hard, and send Rita a message that you don't just come to Earth and start shit without being hit back.

I also thought about Demetri, who has worked his way up from the depths of nothingness into a powerful teen martial artist himself, he's also smart as hell, and for the most part he is the voice of reason. But he complains to much and I just didn't want that type of negativity on my team.

So who would be on your Power Rangers Cobra Kai roster? Who would be your leader? Is Zordon crazy for choosing teens to fight a war against aliens?

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