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Giants Wynn!

Finally. I had my doubts about beating the Houston Texans, especially with their pass rush, but I can go to bed a happy camper knowing my G-Men played well. Yeah, I dont care that they were 0-2, a win is a win.

Eli Manning looked good even as JJ Watt aka Superman beat him up like a bully in a school yard. (Pretty sure I saw him take Mannings lunch money)

Barkley? This dude is legit. Best back that we've had talent wise in a long time. He tacked on 80 plus yards rushing including a 15 yard touchdown in the first quarter. (I love you!)

Shep and OBJ? Oh, you know, they just combined for 15 catches for 189 yards and a touchdown. I'll take it.

Rhett sighting! I keep forgetting we have this dude and what better way to use him than after Evan Engram goes down and is sidelined. TD down the seam, easy peasy.

Our defense actually played well despite having our corner Eli Apple out and our best pass rusher in Vernon still not able to play.

Wynn played like a Minotaur defending his labyrinth. Ogletree, our linebacker, grabbed an interception in the endzone like he was playing monkey in the middle against preschoolers. (Keep it up and I might get your jersey!)

All in all our offensive line struggled really only against JJ Watt, other than that, Eli got the ball out quickly, he made some plays down the field, he was clicking with his receivers and I'm a happy camper.

I'd also like to throw in a big ass thank you to the football gods for not only allowing the Giants to play good football and get a win, but thank you for bringing me such joy watching the Cowboys lose.

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