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Giants trip the Raiders

Yes!!! Will the real Giants please stand up! This damn team is so confusing, are they good, are they bad? It's a question asked every week, it's annoying.

So the Raiders are dealing with some crazy stuff lately, including losing their Head coach and their star impossibly fast wide out in the last few weeks. Then had to release a corner back, a past top first rounder because he made some stupid video on social media with a gun, not only that, but threatened people. What in the ever living hell?

So with that all on their plate, I had my doubts they'd fully be invested in this game, and even thought they'd pull it out at the end. They didn't.

The Giants offense relied heavily on the run and Booker who rushed for over a hundred yards. What was so surprising? The offensive line created holes! They never do that! Ever! I don't think Daniel Jones really passed the ball much, maybe 15 times, if that? But he was efficient and made some good throws that helped win the game.

Evan Engram sighting! He caught a deep ball with the corner on top of him, like a boss! Just keep doing that God damnit!

The Giants defense also played tough as hell and held Waller pretty much in check, although like I said, I believe that the chemistry during this game just wasn't there, Carr had Waller open several times and couldn't hit him.

The Giants defense kept holding the Raiders to field goals, which surprised even me. They got a little bit of pressure but nothing crazy, until the end when Quincy Roche, the man claimed off waivers, the man who I wanted the Giants to draft, took out the Raiders in a sack fumble combo to end the game.

This game wouldn't be complete defensively if Xavier Mckinney didn't somehow know where Carr was gonna throw and jumped two routes in two amazing interceptions that changed both the game and gave the Giants the will to win. That interception turned TD was the play of the game and big blue never turned back after that.

MVP of this game is definitely Xavier Mckinney with his two interceptions and one TD....but Booker is a close second for having a great game on the ground.

This game gave me hope, the hope that the defensive side is starting to pick up the slack and will be able to hold some teams back so we have a fighting chance in the coming weeks. I also love Quincy Roche and hope he gets more playing time opposite of Azeez Ojulari, I believe this combo could be pretty dominant with Leonard Williams in the middle, but that's just the hope in me speaking.

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The pictures are from various resources and aren't mine, including Sports illustrated and Giants.

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