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Giants narrowly escape Bears

Wow. What a game Sunday afternoon. Back and forth in a never ending battle for a 4th win in 12 games. Good job G-men, keep moving up the ladder of the draft.

Honestly it was an exciting game with plays made from all sides of the field and as I yelled "game over" four separate times, I was reminded that the Giants didnt make it easy. Every victory is a bloody battle to the end, I should know this by now. And yes, a small part of me wanted the Giants to lose so we get a top draft pick so my Giants can grab a top notch starter (Bosa) and keep moving forward with this team, but that wasnt meant to be.

The Giants came to play yesterday against the Chicago Bears and had some decent success. Although Eli Manning wasnt particularly great and looked lost at times, he picked it up in the second half and made some good throws to get key first downs.

Barkely is the teams MVP, yes we should of drafted a QB, no I dont regret having Barkley instead, he was and is the best player out of that draft class. Hes a leader and he gives his all on every play. Without his play we wouldnt have gotten that field goal with time expiring in the first half, hes truly amazing on that field.

Our defense however, they did make plays, but for fuck sakes can they please contain the outside run! Please! It seems every team kills them as ten guys head to stop the run up the gut and what do you know it, no defensive player on the outside to contain. Come on man! Stop it! Collins, stop trying to he Superman! Stay in yo lane dude!

I'm ok, I'm ok. Blood pressure is coming down....and I'm back.

Defensive linemen rookie BJ Hill had three sacks against Chicago and Olivier Vernon grabbed two more in his underwhelming season so far, which is not entirely his fault. After coming back from injury you could see they generated more of a pass rush, but it's a little tough to take when I see JPP playing so well with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when we could of used him, even in the 34 Defenee I think he would of had success.

Ogletree was amazing yesterday, setting the tone with the first play of the game with a pick six giving the Giants the quick lead. Later he again picked off the Bears quarterback with an amazing one handed snag which killed the Bears who were looking to score.

We are 3-1 since the bye week and a lot better than we were last year on a team that is rebuilding and I cant complain about that. I want to see how the New York Giants handle Washington next week, since the Redskins are in a bad position right now and will be desperate to win the next for weeks.

The offensive line is playing a lot better and even made some good plays against this Bears defensive line to help Manning have more time. Hopefully that trend of playing well continues heading in against Washington.

We are pretty much out of the playoff race, but that doesnt mean we cant destroy some teams playoff hopes and ruin their season, namely the Cowboys who I'm crossing my fingers needs to win the last game of the season against the Giants and loses, that would make my world a little brighter.

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