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Giants fans rejoice. Sit down Flowers!

Giants trade Flowers to Antarctica!

It doesnt matter if this isnt the case, but I will enjoy the time I have knowing Flowers isnt our starting Right tackle. Thank you. Thank you for making my day a happy one. Hearing the news of his benching was like hearing, "Babe, I'm pregnant." It was that good. It was like someone coming up to me for no reason other than the kindness of their heart to hand me a hundred dollar bill. Do I deserve it? No, but I'm sure as hell going to except it.

I dont care if Wheeler is an absolute train wreck at RT today, because I know he still wont be the train wreck that was Flowers. The revolving door at RT was handing out tickets for sacks the last two weeks and it was time we pulled his offensive line card and sit his ass down. Thank you Giants. Thank you for putting a smile on my face, for at least two hours before we actually have to play a team that's foaming out the mouth like rabid hyenas ready to kill Eli and make him look like he lost his puppy.

Its a good day for Giants fans.

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