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Giant Trade

Yup, Odell Beckham Jr is now a Cleveland Brown, a team that has talent up and down the roster now has best friends playing side by side, skipping and singing tunes of joy, maybe even a sad song of how bad it was in Miami and New York.

We, the NY Giants, yes we, get in return Peppers, a first round pick, and a third round pick to give us a whopping 12 selections this year in the draft. Enough pick to make a dent in a list of needs or maybe to trade up to grab the quarterback that everyone wants (I dont).

Now is it a bad trade? I think a lot of us fans are sitting with our hands on our hearts and wondering if we should punch ourselves in the face to wake up. Me? When I heard the news, it didnt do anything to me. It's like being with someone in a relationship and you know it's not working, but both of you stay together, waiting for your significant other to make the call to leave. That's what it felt like. I shrugged my shoulders and wondered what it did to our cap.

Sure he was talented, but he was a pain in the ass. Not to mention Eli stared at him the whole game, like that girl you liked in middle school but didnt talk to. He threw in double and triple coverage multiple times because 'throw OBJ the damn ball!' I didnt like it. It made my head hurt.

OBJ being traded to me means the Giants are in total rebuild mode. Which means Eli Manning is either being cut or this is his final year, and if they draft a quarterback, he could be sitting sooner or later. Although he didnt have terrible stats last year with almost 4200 yards passing, 21 TDS and 11 INTs, but got killed 48 times with sacks, a lot of those were on him, not his offensive line.

So why would we pay a ton for OBJ and Collins to return to a team that has way to many holes to even count? They made the right call here no matter what you want to think. We need to revamp the defense, rebuild the offensive line, and get our future quarterback. I trust in Gettlemen, for now. He has a vision of what the Giants should be and that's what hes going to attempt to get, that's it, we can only get on board his train and hope the moves he makes are the right ones.

Giants Get: Guard Kevin Zeitler

Safety Jabril Peppers

The Browns first-round pick in the 2019 draft (#17)

The Browns third-round pick in the 2019 draft – from New England (#95 overall)

Browns Get:

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

DE/LB Olivier Vernon

Makes sense to me! I'm fine with this trade. We get draft picks, help our cap situation, and get a young safety to replace Collins (who I'll miss, God damn you Washington!)

So cheer up buttercup, wipe those tears, and get ready for a interesting draft this year, it could be an good we go pass rusher? Do we go QB? Do we trade up? So many questions! What do think about it? Comment below, argue your point, or tell me why you agree!

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