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Giant Moves

With the 2020 season over and done with, which seems like forever ago, the Giants try to retool the roster to hopefully give Joe Judge more talent that would equal to more wins than last season.

One move was bringing Leonard William's back, who is expensive as fuck, but he played lights out last year, was top 3 in stats for his position, I think the only one better was the Rams Aaron Donald, who is regarded as one of the best players in football. It was the right move despite the cap hit. He was a leader, he plays hard all game long, and he is a game changer. Theres a big "but" in there somewhere right? Yes. Hes only done this once. His potential was realized last season most likely because of Defensive coordinator Patrick Grahams scheme which put William's everywhere with the singular purpose of attacking and getting the quarterback. He didnt live up to his potential with the Jets at all when he played there and had a below average season in year one with the Giants, which could be blamed on roster talent and bad coaching.

Will his 3 year 63 million dollar contract with 45 million guaranteed hurt the Giants? Possibly, but the Giants need him and I believe he needs the Giants. He led the team with 11.5 sacks and the next closest was (LB) Fakrell and (DL) Dexter Lawrence with 4 sacks a piece, William's also tripled in QB hits with 30. He was a monster that was unleashed and was paid big time and truth be told, he deserves it.

Kenny fucking Golladay! The former Detroit Lion is New York bound signing a 4 year 72 million dollar deal (holy shit). Yeah, it's a lot right now, but considering the NFL cap will go up it wont be so bad on the back end of the deal. What the Giants get In return is a potential superstar WR that has the height and hands to be a monster deep threat that Daniel Jones needs, especially in the redzone which DJ was terrible with, it always seemed to be an issue for him when they got down to the endzone. This move opens up the field for their other wide outs, who will have more opportunities on single coverage to make plays.

Barring injury, Golladay could have a huge impact on Jones, which he should since hes getting like 18 mill a year.

John Ross! A pure speed guy playing on a one year prove it deal only making 2.25 million with a 500k signing bonus, that is a great deal for someone that can split the safeties and help others get open. I feel like Joe Judge will use Ross in multiple receiver positions and possibly use him in sneaky packages that gets him the ball quickly so he can just do his thing. It's a good move for the Giants who used the rookie Slayton as a deep threat last season and needed someone keep the defense honest.

Adoree Jackson!!! The former Tennessee Titans cornerback who got injured last season but was one of the better man coverage guys in the league the few years prior was let go, for some reason the Titans didnt try to use their fifth year option on their great corner and the Giants took advantage of it! Not only that, but Jackson was supposed to meet with the Eagles and never got the opportunity because the G Men said fuck Philly you're a Giant now!

Damn I'm excited! Jackson and Bradberry on the outsides, Peppers, Logan Ryan, Julian Love, Xavier McKinney, this a damn good DB core! We arent even near the draft and I'm already getting pumped up. What an off season for the Giants, they even picked up veteran Tightend Kyle Rudolph, who although older, is a tough son of a bitch who can still make plays in the endzone, not to mention hes a very good blocker which will help Jones out big time.

I'm gonna predict the Giants are a top ten defense next season and are playoff bound as long as Daniel Jones has a decent year. But there is no denying what he is after this season, he has two good Tight ends, a great Running back, a great wide receiver core, and will potentially have a top 6-10 defense with this roster under Patrick Graham. There's no excuses now, he needs to put up numbers and show that hes a starter in the NFL, if not, I think this is it for Jones.

On that note, I'm excited to see what this team does in the draft and cant wait for the season to start.

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