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Giant Fall

In what was one of the most stressful games I've seen as a Giants fan, the Giants showed actual life on the offensive side of the ball. In fact I wasn't sure If I was dreaming or not, until I saw how the defense just allowed some three game starting nobody just drive down their throats and almost score at will, at that point I realized I wasn't dreaming, why would I dream of that nonsensical bullshit happening to my own team?!

So what did I take from this horse kick to the face type loss, a loss that ultimately should of been a win if the refs did their jobs correctly and didn't call a penalty on poor Dexter Lawrence for offsides, thus costing the Giants a win. Bastards. But can I blame the refs? Ultimately big blue had several opportunities to blow the game wide open and failed to do so, mostly because of conservative play calling near the end of the game and a terrible defensive scheme that let wide outs roam free all game.

Ok, I'm gonna attempt to get off the negative train right now and say some positive shit.

Daniel Jones....yeah, the guy that I want to punt into outer space, impressed me. It's hard to say, but I enjoyed watching what he can actually be as a QB, much like I did in his first start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a few years ago.

Daniel Jones 9 carries for 95 yards and a TD? That's Lamar Jackson/Michael Vick type numbers running the ball as a quarterback. Add that to throwing the ball 32 times for 249 and 1 TD and no turnovers, now I'm getting a little excited and anxious to see his next game, to see if he can sustain this. I hope so, because if he does, this team can run away with the division if the defense gets their shit together.

Another positive, was that the offensive line lost its best player yet played decent, way better than I believed they were capable of doing. But that line scares the hell out of me, it's like they just put a bandaid over it even though it needs total knee construction.

Sterling Shepherd is playing lights out and will continue to do so as long as he's healthy. Slayton also played well despite a key drop that was on his finger tips on a deep pass that would of most likely ended Washington's night and although it was annoying to see him so open drop a ball, it wasn't totally his fault. Kenny Golladay continues to make 17 million while not being a giant factor in games thus far.

What I loved in this game was the fact that DJ ran the ball and actually went down field more than once. This is the quarterback we need to win games and I'm starting to come on board with the fact that maybe, just maybe, Jones is our quarterback of the future and now. So yeah, I'm starting to believe in Danny Dimes.

I was gonna jump back on the negative train, but I decided to rip those tickets up and watch the defense go by in that train while I stick my middle finger up at them with a smile and leave it at that.

So what did you think of the Giants heartbreaking loss against Washington? Do you think Jones is our QB of the future? Is Barkley done? Can our big blue defense stop anyone?! Let me know in the comments below!

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