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GI Joe vs Transformers game please

Imagine a multiplayer video game much in the style of Battlefield 4 and 5 but in the realm of Transformers and GI Joes. Imagine for a second the absolute amazing picture of Cobra forces taking on GI Joe forces in a city, while Starcream and Jetfire battle overhead, and while Bumbleebee trys to defend the Joe's from Shockwave.

This game could be epic and you dont even need a campaign, just make twelve or so big beautiful maps that can take these epic battles and make magic happen almost every time.

I would love to see Megatron just reign hell on a bunch of GI Joe tanks, sending Duke and Flint to hell. Maybe Optimus Prime decimating Cobra HISS tanks before going one on one with Soundwave. There are just so many combos of awesomeness that could be had here. We are in age of everyone loving everything 80s, this game will sell, despite even if its Electronic Arts.

War on Cybertron, just sixty four players with Transformers duking it out for supremacy for the planet or Joe's verses Cobra at Cobra Command Center in an all out war? Sign me the hell up.

Hell, just have seasons like Fortnite, where you can unlock new characters, of buy them every season. Unfortunately I wont do this for fortnite, but this? I might cave in. I'd rather win the characters though.

I just think it's a wasted opportunity that is just waiting to be taken. EA needs to talk to Hasbro about this, I demand it! And this I command!!

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