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Get me pictures of Spiderman!

The trailer dropped about 24 hours ago and I've had some time to digest what was given to us. Here it is right here for your enjoyment-

This movie looks like it's gonna be an epic good time. It's kind of a Sinister 6 movie that Sony wanted to make and although we get teases of several Spidey bad guys, I think there will be a handful of surprises along the way, hopefully a couple of Spiderman allies.

I'm trying to go into this movie with next to nothing in spoilers or rumors, I want to go into the theater knowing nothing but what I saw in this past trailer to give me the best experience I can possibly get from the film, much like I did with Infinity War which hit me like an emotional roller coaster.

Having Alfred Molina as Doc Ock and Willem Dafoe back as Green Goblin is extremely exciting. Those two were probably the best villains thus far in Spiderman movies. You could argue that they're number one and two as Peter Parkers enemies in film thus far.

We get teases of Elextro who is played by Jamie Foxx again and I have a feeling they'll finally give him his moment, since the last movie with him in it wasted his talent.

Lizard and Sandman also are briefly shown and I wasn't a real Sandman fan in Spiderman 3, but Lizard? I actually loved Rhys Ifans as Lizard in Amazing Spiderman, but was he the best? Probably not. It's just fun to see all these characters back in an MCU movie.

So it seems Parker somehow messes up Dr Stranges spell and he has to "Scooby-Doo this crap", to try to send all the enemies showing up back to their own dimensions. goes against what Parker believes, because all these characters fates are sealed, they are set to die against other Spidermans in one way or another. Peter wants to help everyone and he just can't, it's impossible, and he will learn that in this movie.

Mary Jane!!! NOOOOO! Well...she's falling, like all the characters in each film series and it brings up the question....does she die?! If she does, that will shatter Peter Parker. I don't know how he deals with that if that's the case.

Bottom line the trailer gave us things we kinda knew already and not much else, but hopefully we get a trio of Spidermans in an epic fight and maybe a cameo of Venom, because I want a good Venom vs Spiderman movie damnit!

So what did you think of the trailer? Do you think Venom makes an appearance? Do you think Toby Mcguire and Andrew Garfields Spiderman return? The Countdown is on for No Way Home!

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