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Game of thrones:Ep5

Game of Thrones: Ep 5 'Kill them all'

We got hints through all the seasons of what kind of person she was, she burned prisoners, killed some innocents, and learned lessons under great tutelage from her closest friends, but once they started dropping, that's when the lines she wasnt willing to cross before became extremely blurred.

She lost everyone she cared about in a blink of an eye, she lost a baby, she lost her dragon children, she lost close advisors, and she lost most of her army in a war that she didnt need to be a part of.

If she would of stayed the course and attacked full on, like she did last night, she would of had three dragons, two huge armies, and all of her friends and advisors, minus Varys and Tyrion, who would of most likely moved against her after seeing her attack and kill that way, although, none of that bad shit would of happened, she wouldnt have any reason to kill everyone. Her dragons would of decimated the Lannister army and her armies would of easily pushed to the red keep to capture or kill the Queen.

On that note, if she went that direction and still wanted to help Jon Snow, she could of did the same thing as before, except bring down a United Westeros against the Night Kings forces, who now would be stuck beyond the wall since they had no dragon to even break into Westeros at that point, which would of made the Night Kings forces sitting ducks, although the Night King would of survived an onslaught, he wouldnt be able to muster an army like that for generations. It would of been someone else's problem.

But with that, Daenerys Targaryen would of been Queen, and the Targaryens would once again thrive. The only problem at this point would be the north and their defiant stubborn ways, led by Jon Snow, Sansa, Bran, and Ayra. This would of led to problems, but Darnerys with three full dragons would of been hard to stop at this point. The north would of fell hard and eventually rebel later on.

Back to the episode, what Daenerys did in her mind was justified after everything she went through, all those that were lost, she lost her grip of the light that she held to until darkness, despair, and anger shined through. Her armies followed her ways and became the bad guys in an instant, without hesitation. She is and has always been deep down evil in nature, but she had people around her to keep her in the light of situations. Her intentions although good, were never really an option in Westeros, the people she wanted to save, didnt want to be saved by her. She will always be an outsider in that country and she knows it, that's why shes starting to rethink having Jon Snow around, since he is the true king no matter what he says or wants.

Heavyweight battle: The Claganebowl

We wanted it, we got it. As the battle raged around them in kings landing and the red keep falling and burning, they fought to the death in an epic encounter where The Hound knew death was the only thing for sure.

They fought fiercely both with hate and as the hound had the upper hand in the beginning he quickly realized he was outmatched by his brother, what stood in front of him was death. Stabbing him in the midsection, thinking he might have won, only to stare up at his enemy, his brother who burned him all those years ago as a boy, as he pulled the sword out from inside him.

The battle changed and the mountain did his damage, even trying to push his younger brothers eyes in until being stabbed in the face. Once the hound saw his brother would not die, he knew he would have to sacrifice himself in order to kill him, which he did. Plunging himself and his brother through the damaged wall down hundreds of feet down into a fiery ironic death.

Golden Company of Essos:

After all that shit talk they got smacked in the mouth big time, essentially being nonexistent. Captain Strickland should of just stayed home or maybe brough those damn elephants, maybe things would be different. Although these men fought for gold, not the loyalty of the Lannisters, as soon as they saw that they were outmatched they surrendered although Grey worm said fuck your white flag and bell and attacked anyway.

I loved how Grey worm looked back at Jon in disgust as he murdered defenseless men, this is gonna be a fight in the next episode I believe.

But the golden company was worthless, all that money spent on the army was a waste. I really thought they would turn on the Lannisters and join John.

Death came for them:

We have one episode left and several key characters went down in this one like we expected. advisor who saw what Dany was turning into and understood that Jon Snow was the key for the kingdom to become peaceful, not Dany, was executed and took it like a fucking champ. He didnt scream. Not a peep. He established himself as the spider during the series, but in that moment, he became the man.

Euron....I think he was a wasted character here, I liked his shit talk, but him fighting Jaime Lannister didnt make much sense to me, although Euron had no real allegiance to anyone but himself, so I guess it does make sense, he essentially was a pirate. Dying at the hands of Jaime was not really satisfying, although he struck some major blows that would of killed Jaime eventually if he lived.

Jaime and Cersei....their death was severely disappointing but at the same time made perfect sense. No one could kill them on their own and dying under the red keep as it fell to the ground while holding each other in each others arms was extremely fitting.

The future:

Jon Snow is gonna need to make a choice and I think it's one of several choices. Kill the queen or revolt with the north and those loyal to Westeros in an attempt to take back the country from this invader.

Sansa knew what she was and I think Ayra is gonna have to dispose of the mad queen, which could put Jon in a rotten situation if Ayra is caught. Jon will side with his family over this new Daenerys who he doesnt know anymore.

Time will tell on who sits on the iron throne. We can only guess, but I venture to say before the show is over, no one will he on the throne.


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