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Game of thrones

Game of thrones set the tone for the battle that's to come almost like a love letter, a last chance to say goodbye to some of our favorite characters for the last time while also setting up tension and problems within some of the ranks that defend Winterfell.

(This is the kind of writing that should be involved in Star Wars)

The Night king is coming and along with him, hordes of white Walkers and the undead with one set purpose, to destroy the world of men.

We dont know what the Night King really wants, we only know what the character thinks he wants, so hes at Winterfell coming to get it.

I have a feeling at least 1/3 of the characters will die off in this battle as their military plan just doesnt work out for them. You also have to wonder how Dany and Jon work together now, has their love been squashed by the unexpected news of Jon Snows actual mother and father, and his birthright to the throne, time will tell.

Game of thrones is tricky, everytime you think they are going one way, they turn it around on you. Can the night king win? Will they give him more of a backstory? We have 4 episodes to find out. What if Bran and the Night King strike an alliance? What if Dany turns on the Starks and Winterfell? What if Winterfell wins but right behind this victory is another battle that destroys them against the golden company?

A lot of questions with no answers in sight as of yet. We just gotta stay tuned and hope for the best as our favorite characters are put in harm's way.

But something stuck with me for a few seasons now, something Ramsey Bolton said, "If you think this has a happy ending, you havent been paying attention." The quote is almost like the writers are saying, "Be prepared for the worst."


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