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Fortune Cookie Wisdom

My two year old and seven year old wanted a fortune cookie, the last one sitting on the counter from their last Chinese food dinner. So I had to break it in half much to the dismay of them both but they got over it.

Inside it was the fortune that many of us look forward to after eating the greatness of a Chinese Restaurant and inside this magical cookie dropped from the heavens was a message that said, "Be cautious while walking in darkness alone."

I looked at with a passing glance and then it hit me how deep this fucking cookie was, I mean the depth to that statement is enormous and it got me thinking more and more on what this wise delicious cookie had to say.

There are so many things this could mean! Is it literal? Like does it mean that when walking alone in the dark you should be cautious? No! I don't think so, I think it means being careful about walking in darkness alone, meaning the path you take in life, because without help you can literally get lost and forever disappear from the original path you were on.

This realization hit me like a brick to the face which started making me think of characters that this related too and some that popped up was Zuko, Vegeta, Gon, Killua, and Sasuke. All these characters were on the line of walking in darkness, each one had help getting back. Without the help of friends or loved ones these characters would fall into darkness forever, never able to get back to the light.

In life those fall into darkness almost always need help and without it they often live in that darkness and often die in that same darkness. Very rarely do people escape the path of darkness without some sort of help.

"Be cautious while walking in darkness alone."

Each person walks a path with infinite amount of roads that branch off that path that go in other directions, we all make choices that may or not take off the main road into a better path of life or a worse one, it's up to us to make those decisions to the best of our ability. But those paths that lead to darkness, sometimes even dipping your toes into that dark Abyss that may seem innocent enough with no consequences, sometimes you're forever lost in that dark unless you have a hand to pull you back up from drowning in it. Such a simple yet profound sentence, "Be cautious while walking in darkness alone."

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