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Fly Eagles Fly...into a volcano

Staring at my television watching the zombie like NY Giants get destroyed by the Philadelphia Eagles, debating throwing a brick into that said television to make the hurting stop.

Barkley is our obvious superstar, hes amazing, hes young, hes our future. Hes our new Tiki Barber, except hes not a douche. Or better yet hes Barry Sanders 2.0, although, wasnt Sanders on bad Lions teams?

This game is tough to watch. Eli is missing targets, hes getting harrassed nonstop, and he looks like one of the lost boys in the movie Hook who said he lost his marbles.

This offensive line is bad but Eli did have time on several throws and he just flings the ball like hes playing monkey in the middle and doesnt want his own receivers touching the ball.

Our defense had moments but refuse to tackle tonight. They are against it. I guess it's cool, at least they're doing something as a team for once.

Wynn and Vernon are big pluses tonigh, I'm actually happy with those guys. They've made plays and looked good. On the other hand, will this defense ever not get fooled on play action roll out passes?

So its the second half and Barkley just ran for fifty yard touchdown, so at least it looks like we actually gave a fight. Holy crap hes good. I just wish the rest of the team was as well, he is the future leader of this team. Amazing player, already.

Fumble!! Do we have the ball back? Do we? Come on, give us the ball back! Nope. Eat shit refs. I'm debating again, almost in a meditative state with the single question, 'can the Giants stop anyone?'

Sack by Vernon, Fuck yea!! Oh wait. We cant cover anyone. Holy santa Clause shit, This is stressful to watch. Is the XFL on yet? Did the NBA start the regular season yet? I dont want to watch this game, but I want to see Barkley play.

Watching this team every week is like getting punched in the face with a hammer and then you continue to come back and take the hit again and again like im into this pain.

We are in trouble, that's all I gotta say.

"And with the number one pick, the NY Giants select....."

It's coming.

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