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First the Persians, now the NY Giants

Leonidas has come back to destroy all those that stand in his way, including big blue. Well, Loannidis anyway, Washington Redskins twenty four year old defensive end attacked the New York Giants ferociously like a hungry Grizzly Bear with two and a half sacks. This will haunt Giants Quarterback Eli Manning of course.

What to say about this I mean the Redskins showed they have issues too. It seemed for awhile like they wanted to let New York into the game or even give them a win.

I think this is it. We, the NY Giants will get a farewell tour for Eli Manning much like we got for Derek Jeter or they simply will go in another direction after the bye week. Either way, this is the end of a era. Dont bullshit yourself and think that this is all Mannings fault, it's not. And dont think that there is a quarterback out there that we can just plug in and win again.

We are in rebuild mode, 150%, so look for a slow process in order to restore order on this team. Snacks and Eli Apple were the first to go, by this Tuesday at 4pm there will be more Giants to go, and more draft picks coming.

Sadly we will go 1-15 or 2-14 and have the number one pick or at least a top 3 pick next year.

So after the game The Redskins thanked the Giants for giving them a sack buffet, it was nice of them. Not many teams hand sacks out like the Giants.

On a side note, who else didnt think Adrian Peterson had anything left in the tank? Hes single handedly getting Washington wins.

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