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Fire Pro WWF continues!

The war in Fire Pro WWF continues!

In my imaginary world of pro wrestling that I diligently watch through fire pro wrestling, A battle Royal was had to determine who the world champion would be and much to my shock, Yokozuna claimed the throne, throwing out Bret Hart last to become the man of the WWF.

This feud continued the very next week as Newly crowned world champion Yokozuna tagged with Owen Hart against Bret Hart and Lex Luger.

With both Lex And Bret not fully trusting each other, but wanting to get a shot at the champ, the decided to play nice. This didn't go over well for Owen Hart who took the brunt of the beating from both Luger and his brother Bret. The match lasted 22:35, as Owen stayed in the ring for most of the battle. Luger ultimately placed Owen in the torture rack, a back breaker submission hold, three times before Owen Hart passed out from the pain and pinned.

Owen Hart showed guts tonight and Lex Luger made a point of showing what hes got in front of both Bret Hart and Yokozuna, as he is considered a top contender for the wwe world title.

This just in, Fire Pro WWF general manager Mad Dog Wilson has just made several matches for this weekend, most importantly the one on one match between Lex Luger and Owen Hart! Are you excited!? I cant hardly contain myself! Luger vs Owen! Let's go!

My money is on Owen Hart as always, although Luger is on a roll as of late and could destroy Owen on his way to a potential world title shot against Yokozuna soon.

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