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Fire Pro Wrestling Championship

In all its 2d glory the world of professional wrestling stood still as a battle for the world championship commenced inside the squared circle with eight competitors. Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Lex Luger, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, and Yokozuna. The world title on the line in a battle royal, over the top rope and pin falls would be allowed in eliminations.

The battle began in just pure chaos, I'm not even sure what the hell was happening. All I know is at 4 minutes and 15 seconds in Owen Hart made a mistake and Bret knocked his brother out of the ring for the first elimination. Poor guy.

As the battle continued, the ring got a little less full when Seth Rollins was thrown over the top rope by Lex Luger who was a man possessed.

Seven minutes later Lex Luger again throws a top guy out by back body dropping Roman Reigns over the top rope, reversing a power bomb and silencing the crowd who knew he was a favorite to win the battle royal. Luger continued his barrage of closlines up until the 21 minute mark where the all American couldnt handle the awesome might of Yokozuna who belly to belly suplexed him into tomorrow sending him home.

Minutes later AJ Styles who put up an amazing fight was drop kicked from behind from Ambrose and placed in the sharpshooter from Bret Hart where he tapped out and eliminated.

The next ten minutes was a chaotic battle of betrayals and alliances. Yokozuna and Bret Hart put their differences aside and beat on poor Ambrose, taking turns slamming his face into the mat. When either tried to get the pin, the other stopped them, so they continues to bring the pain on Dean.

Bret Hart felt it was time to reverse this trend and began to attack Yokozuna and then with Ambrose's help began to double team Yoko, but Yoko threw them both around like rag dolls, hitting both with belly to belly suplexes back to back, probably breaking their ribs.

I was excited to see Ambrose get eliminated by Yokozuna at 35:18 so we could get that old feud between Yokzuna and Bret Hart going, but fourteen seconds after eliminating Ambrose, Yokozuna had enough of Harts shit and threw him out of the ring to become world champion.

I didnt think Yokozuna could make it that far, I mean yes hes big and has power, hes extremely agile for a guy that size, but stamina wise I just didnt think he had what it took, but he lasted 35 minutes and proved me wrong.

Bret Hart is now going to see a medical examiner for a Senton he recieved from Yokozuna that might have killed a lesser man. But until then, Yokozuna is the rightful world champ, and extremely deserving.

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