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Fallen Kingdom

In a world where humans dont learn from any mistakes they've made in the past twenty five years, where bringing dinosaurs home sounds like a great idea, I give you...Jurrasic

World 2: The Fallen Kingdom.

I feel like they are pushing towards a Dinoriders scenario, you know those old toys where humans and aliens collided against each other on top of dinosaurs that were stacked with weapons. It was real trust me and it was awesome. I'm not delusional, it did happen!

So Starlord is back. Yay! But I didnt like him to much in this one. Boo! But I do like the chemistry he has with Blue, they make a good team. 😐

So the whole story revolves around the political question, do we or do we not save the dinosaurs who would all be killed on the island due to a volcano which will erupt just in time for the characters to outrun lava, dangerous predators, and escape the island after being betrayed.

So after watching one of the saddest scenes since seeing Artax die in Neverending Story, we head back to civilization. With the dinosaurs who will be sold to the highest bidder. Great idea people. Let's just let these carnivores go into the cities and towns, nothing bad will come of it.

So after some dude killed another rich dude with a pillow, he obviously is legally in charge and the body will just rot away inside the house forever, because the protagonist wants to be Scrooge Mcduck rich and only by selling weaponized dinosaurs will he do that.

So now the protagonist has the upper hand laughing that hes won, attempting to sell dinosaurs, and having the two main characters captured in the basement. Hes won. (Insert evil laugh here)

Not so fast my friend. You forget Owen Grady is a magical being who speaks to dinosaurs. (Not really) They escape and they decide they need to kill the new hybrid ninja dinosaur.

I really got lost. The main baddie dinosaur was already weaponized and when he escapes he massacres all that stands in his way. That's where Blue comes in. The worlds most famous and loved Raptor.

It's obvious where the movie goes from there, bringing Blue to the forefront and making him the hero again. (I really miss dino riders.)

I'm gonna give this a 2.3 out of 5 jelly beans, because who doesn't like jelly beans!

It was alright, not even close to being as good as the first, but that's the case in almost all movies.

I also couldnt get into Claire's character or even Owen for most of it, something just felt off.

MVP: Blue is back to back MVP award winner for Jurrasic World and Fallen Kingdom, hes just an awesome little cute killing machine that I want to take home but I'm not aloud to.

Mr/mrs irrelevant: Claire. At one point I wanted to scream at my TV to stop dicking around and run! But that would be crazy...I didnt like her character in this one.

Oh, and Shout out to the characters for letting murderous dinosaurs loose on a human population. You guys are MVPs in my book. Damnit, I forgot to mention the clone!

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