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Even with a Giant win...I'm still mad

Yup, the Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday in a game I kind of thought they'd win. I just never thought Hurts was good enough to beat the Giants, even with this lack luster roster.

What my hope was that the Giants would win, but Hurts would get another three touchdown rushing performance since he was my starter in fantasy football. Blasphemy! I know! But he couldn't even do that. Passing the ball? Yeah, he was terrible and for the most part the defensive backfield made him pay with 10 pass deflections and three interceptions.

So the good was the defensive back core played pretty well, Xavier Mckinney is having one hell of a year so far. My problem is the pass rush. Yet again, there was barely any pressure. Hurts had like six seconds on some plays to throw the ball, how the hell does that happen? They need to figure that shit out, but at this point in the season will they? Doesn't look like it.

Barkley had one run for 32 yards but the other runs were abysmal with 12 carries for 8 measly yards. What the fuck man!? Ok...maybe he would be better as a pass catcher out of the backfield. Nope. 4 catches for 13 yards. I don't see him being back next season unless he's getting paid in poplars.

Golladay is getting paid 17 million a year to catch 3 balls for less than 50 yards a game. What in the hell was the point of bringing him in? Is this on Jones? Is this on the offensive line? Is it because their TE Engram can't block? Maybe it's because Barkley dances to much in the backfield. This offense is just difficult to watch. It's kind of infuriating. Their red zone offense is the worst I've ever seen and I've seen the Era of Kent Graham and Dave Brown on this God damn team. How are they not good at anything? If your not good at red zone plays say fuck it and go deep ten times a game.

Giants didn't win this game, The Eagles lost it. Philly sucked so bad but still remained in the game, that's how bad the Giants offense is, and yes, I put the blame on all their losing woes on the offensive side of the ball right now, despite the nonexistent pass rush from the defensive line. If Reagor, Wide out from the Eagles, catches any of those balls at the end the Giants would of lost.

I could say, winning is a winning like Dom Toretto did, but this isn't fucking racing! This win was frustrating and I don't see some of these guys getting resigned unless they perform at pro bowl levels in the next few weeks.

You know what, fuck it, go bring Joey Harrington out of retirement and start him.

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