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Either way, I'm mad

The stupid Redsox and Astros play each other in this divisional round with the Astros up a game in the seven game series 3 games to 2.

Yay....I don't like the Redsox, I despise them, but the Astros are right there with all my hate. It's difficult to feel anything for this series but I know one needs to win, I mean I hope Aliens abduct both teams, but thats not gonna happen.

If someone took a bazooka and pointed it at me and said "Who do you want to win! Pick one!," I guess the Astros have less hate from me than the Redsox do. The Redsox and Cowboys are two teams I just want to lose every game, I don't care who they face, just lose baby!

So...with that said...I guess I wish that Houston win this round then get swept in the next, this is acceptable, this is my baseball compromise. So to the baseball god named Christopher or Dave, I ask you to make this happen.

I don't even know if those are playoff pictures I posted in this post, I don't even care, I just want both teams to go away.


A disgruntled, annoyed, jealous Yankee fan.

#MLB #Redsox #Astros #Baseball #MLBPlayoffs

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