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Eagles destroy Giants

Yes, the Stupid Eagles as we speak are destroying the New York Giants 28 to 7, the Giants who came into this game saying they were hungry and ready but look like they need a snickers and a ride home. They came in knowing the Philadelphia ass-hat Eagles were the best in the NFC, or at least close to the best, since in my opinion the 49ers are the top of the class in the NFC, and yet the Giants look lost and not prepared.

This game is brutally annoying yet I saw it coming. We don't have the roster or manpower to deal with the stacked Eagles team, who have great players on both sides of the ball. With that said, we should all be happy we, the New York Football Giants are going in the right direction, we just need to figure out this roster, especially the Linebacker core, because for the love of god can we please cover one god damn Tight end!? Please!

I actually had a feeling the game was about to get ugly once the Giants went for a 4th and 8 and Jones got smashed into the ground for the second time in a row by Reddick, then that son of a bitch traitor Bradberry got that interception later on, it was over. You could of went to the Chiefs Bradberry! Damn you!

The Giants went into this game with smiles and a false idea of how the game was going to go and paid for it. So what do we take out of this? Several things. We need to upgrade our offensive line a little bit, our Wide receiver core needs help, our Linebackers need to be revamped, and we need help on the back end with the corner back position. That's a lot for one off season to fix. Can the front office accomplish that? No, not in one year, not in my opinion. My main concern is a decent wide out for Daniel Jones, who they need to resign. My secondary concern is getting linebackers who can stop the run and can somewhat cover the Tight end. Although I like Jaylon Smith, Jihad Ward, and Jarrad Davis who just signed with the Giants not that long ago, they aren't the greatest answers to the run or in coverage that you need to be successful, but they are tough nosed players which I love.

That's all off season stuff to discuss later on, for right now its just time to relax and reflect on the amazing season the Giants had and appreciate all the players that worked their asses off in order to win these games and get us into this position. Who believed the Giants would get to the playoffs let alone win a playoff game this season? No one did. We may have been optimistic about the season but not in our wildest dreams did we actually think the Giants would be this successful. This season despite losing against the dumb Eagles was a good one and you shouldn't forget that.

So here's to next season where we hopefully maintain our course as yearly playoff contenders and maybe, just maybe we'll make the right moves to push us further into the mysterious playoff land and make even more noise next season.

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