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Drafting a Giant

With the NFL draft slowly approaching and everyone's eyes on the Quarterbacks of this class, wondering which one will land in NY at the six spot, or the possibility of Josh Rosen, the Cards Quarterback being traded to NY for potentially, and hopefully a second round or later pick, I sit back with not one doubt.

See, I'm not blind, I know we need a quarterback, but I dont think we are drafting one. I'm pretty positive that we will draft almost entirely all defensive players this season.

The NFL draft is quickly approaching and the Giants have the #6 and #17 picks in the first round, perfectly placing us in a decent position to grab two defensive players to rebuild our front seven, something we havent done in a very long time.

As I stated in previous articles, I wanted Montez Sweat from Mississippi State, who has heart issues, but runs faster than almost all players at his position, we could definitely use him as an outside pass rusher. Yes, with his current situation it is a risk, but I'll take it, hes to talented not to. I'm sure their will be others sitting at this position that will be worth the pick, but I'm standing fast in my position, I want Sweat.

With my #17 pick I would like to still stay with the defensive side of the ball and depending on the sixteen picks before, I'm hoping a linebacker or pass rusher is available here, but if not, I'll take Nasir Adderley, safety from Delaware, who is a ball hawk. Hes got speed, very aggresive, hes a team player, and he doesnt give up on plays. He is also a former cornerback, so hes versatile. Something Collins wasnt good at, man coverage, Nasir will be an upgrade and a big help with Peppers and Riley.

Bottom line, I don't want to draft a quarterback, defense is the way to go. We need backers, corners, and guys on the defensive line. This is the side of the ball we need to completely overhaul and spending an insane amount of draft picks on defense is the way to go.

Sweat and Adderly will help the team tremendously, quickly upgrading the roster, and if they pan out, we build around them.

We aren't a playoff team, we are a rebuilding team, and I know people are a little upset about the current process, because we fans are impatient as shit, and hate losing, aren't willing to wait to win, even though we've won two superbowls in the last twelve years, which many teams dont even have a superbowl win, let alone two. Relax, let them do their thing and build the team through the draft and see what happens.

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