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Drafting a Giant

With the 6th pick, the New York Giants select

Dont get mad...I know you want a Quarterback, I get it, Haskins could be here, or maybe we trade up for Murray. But I'm set in my ways and thats not who I'm picking.

I'm assuming Bosa and Allen are off the board at this point at the six spot. Unless Arizona chooses a QB, which means Rosen is available. The Raiders are another wildcard who might want Murray, which means Carr will be available.

So if either two teams pick a QB, we can most likely get their current QB who will work out better than we have with Eli, or so we think anyway.

Back to my pick! With the 6th pick...The Giants select. Montez Sweat from Mississippi State. Yes, the 6 foot 6, 245 defensive end that ran a 4.42 in the 40 yard dash is who I want in our blue uniform.

We are rebuilding our team and obviously we need a QB to replace the aging Titan who refuses to leave the Giants, but I have a feeling Haskins and Murray will be gone when we have to pick. Which means one of the pass rushers will be available. I think Bosa and Allen go in the top 5 as well, which leaves us potentially with Sweat sitting there.

We run a 34 defense that lacks pass rushers so we need to revamp that entire unit. Getting ourselves good pass rushers early is the best bet to me, and taking a very quick guy who scored double digit sacks two years in a row for the Bulldogs, against some decent teams , I'm pulling the trigger on taking him.

Taking him gives you a future leader on defense, someone to build your Linebacking core around. I know he wasnt used in coverage because of his defensive end position, but I feel like he could easily learn how to play the OLB position and become a better pass rusher because of it.

I thought about it a lot and maybe it's the old Al Davis mindset, where speed kills, and wanting speed like that on defense is just mouth watering.

So yes, with No QBs on the board, no Bosa, no Allen, I'm taking Sweat without hesitation.

Put my pick in and hate me all you want. I also know it's not guaranteed that we get Rosen or Carr if the Raiders and Cards do pick Quarterbacks, and I'm also not saying pass up on Haskins, ( I dont want Murray), I'm just saying if all stays the way it is, and those players are taken before pick six, I want Sweat!

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