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Demon Slayer: Transformations

Episode 7


This show has embedded the "Family" vibe into the show with every movement these characters make, most especially Tanjiro and Nezuko.

This episode shows the strength of Nezuko, but also shows how vulnerable and on the edge of losing it she can get, because she can't control her powers, nor can she hold back her thirst for blood once she goes all out against an opponent. She literally beat the piss out of another powerful demon and enjoyed every moment of it. Beheaded and torn to bits? Not a problem, her regenerative powers kicked in big time and like the terminator, she just kept on coming back for more.

Tanjiro, still knocked out from the last episode is awoken because of a dream, where his younger brother, tells him to wake up before Nezuko loses it and never gets back to being the way she was, she would become a real demon and most likely lost forever. Those dreams and scenes of seeing Tanjiros family gets me every time, just imagining the loss he had to feel and the determination that no one should ever go through that kind of gut punches you. This one however, we get to see Nezukos memory of a time she was a little girl, where her mother sang to her on a beautiful day in the forest. This was because Tanjiro struggled to stop Nezuko from going bezerk after fighting Daki, the demon she beat badly, who now wanted to make everyone pay.

Tengen is just one bad ass dude, he swiftly defended Tanjiro, Nezuko, and two randoms from an attack, but was so fast he cut Daki's head off, then began to argue for her to shut up because she's not strong enough to face him. This in turn made Daki emotionally unstable, crying and throwing a temper tantrum much to Tengens surprise. So, he decided to end it. As quick as this shinobi was, another demon appeared from inside Daki, as her brother emerged to protect her. This demon named Gyutaro who seemed like a jealous and petty demon hell bent on hurting those who hurt his sister. This Demon, who gives hints of some arrogance, attacked Tengen, who is on the defensive now, and knows that fighting this demon, unlike the sister, will be a tough battle, but fighting two, it'll be a dangerous fight for Tengen.

As Tengen goes back and forth with Gyutaro trying to block and evade Flying blood sickles, Tanjiro finally calms Nezuko, and the reinforcements have almost entered the battle. Inosuke and Zenitsu have arrived after trying to keep up with Tengen to join the fight, I think hes gonna need the help taking on the brother and sister demon.

I have a feeling the Tengen vs Gyutaro is going to be pretty bad ass and it seems like they'll talk shit to each other as they fight, I hope so anyway. The story is just so good, the show is beautiful, the music amazing, and the characters greatly developed. Rating wise for "Transformation" would be a 4.2 for me, again, these episodes are pretty fun and it felt like it went by so quickly. Tengens appearance like a damn ninja was awesome, but the brutalness of Nezuko in her fight against a bewildered Daki is fantastic.

The last two episodes Nezuko has taken over as the face of the show, but Tengen and company is about to take back the spotlight next week, can't wait!

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