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Demon Slayer: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui

Season 2 Episode 1: Rengoku!!!! NOOOO!!!

Well...if you haven't seen the movie or the first episode that takes place after the movie/series run away now...Run! The first episode takes place soon after the death of Rengoku, where Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are picking up the pieces, and pretty much down in the dumps. The episode doesn't have much action and the little it does have Is pretty quick. We get the idea of Tanjiro and his group working their asses off and trying to get stronger, because deep down they feel like maybe if they were better that Rengoku would be alive.

Tanjiro also goes to see Rengoku's little brother much to the dismay of the father, who bad mouthed his son, and made the younger son Senjuro feel like crap as well. The father was obviously drunk and you think for a moment, maybe he's drunk because of his loss. But he's a true asshole. Tanjiro is trying to find out about an old form of breathing that Kyojuro Rengoku mentioned to him on the train. It was kind of emotional, the little banter Tanjiro and Senjuro had with one another. You felt Senjuro's pain and pride as the little brother. We even end that whole thing with the father losing it and begin tearing up uncontrollably which was a punch to the gut.

After all the emotional squeezing of the heart strings, Tanjiro and company go back to train like crazy, all of them have six pack abs and look like they could best a prime Mike Tyson in a fist fight. The episode also gives us Akaza for a brief few minutes, to show that he was embarrassed by not being able to kill all the demon Slayers that came off the train in the film, barely beating Kyojuro Rengoku, then suffering insults from Tanjiro while running away because the sun was rising.

The show sets up several points in the story, including moving their mission into the Entertainment District and setting Akaza up as a major thorn in Tanjiro's side, because the dude is pissed off now and wants to make him suffer. We also get Tengen Uzui, the two sword wielding Hashira, who tries to kidnap several people to help him in his mission until Tanjiro and company step in and tell him that they'll go with him instead, thus setting motion the Entertainment district arc.

I cant wait to see Tanjiro take on Akaza and realize that hes not alone, that he has to also face his demon sister Nezuko. Nezuko and Tanjiro have been doing this demon slaying thing for little now and they've become a pretty good combination fight wise, so I think Akaza is gonna have his hands full eventually. But we all know the first battle will go to the demon, then eventually he will fall to the blade of Tanjiro!

Losing a character who wasnt around much, but had huge potential of being a well liked character like Kyojuro Rengoku kind of sucks, but his death sets up more of the story. On the other hand, Tengen doesnt look like the most well liked guy, and he comes off as a douche. I have a feeling hes a more complex character than that, that he has more about him personality wise that will come out in the coming episodes as he opens up to Tanjiro and company. Maybe he'll train them a little more as they are deep into demon territory in the entertainment district. I will say this about Tengen, he looks cool as hell! Plus Tengen is a god damn Ninja, so this season should be interesting.

It was a good emotional episode that set up everything nicely and gets you ready for Tanjiros next adventure. #DemonSlayer #HashiraTengenUzui #Tanjiro #Funimation #Hulu #Akaza #Rengoku

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