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Demon Slayer: Never give up

The damn art work in this show is gorgeous and the fight scenes are just amazing, some of the best In anime in my opinion.

Episode ten takes place right after we see our heroes potentially fall in their attempts at taking down the two upper six demons. The Demon Slayers seemingly had the upper hand and then everything went to hell once Gyutaro came to be, and he's been on the offensive since his first attack. Last episode showed Tanjiro and Zenitsu falling, Tengen down for the count, and Inosuke possibly dead.

Tanjiro wakes up and everything is on fire, destroyed by the demons, its just hell all around. He has a little chat with Nezuko like they usually do, bringing the emotion into the series, giving advice, trying to push Tanjiro to fight through whatever he's going through. In front of him is Gyutaro, just staring down at him, inches away, staring in wonderment of how he even survived. After talking some trash and even getting some cheap shots in against Tanjiro, his human opponent sprints off attempting to escape much to the surprise to both the Demons, but it does make them chuckle, because this kid is about to die.

Gyutaro slowly gives chase like a horror movie villain, slowly walking with weapons out. He smiles as he follows his prey and even has the great idea of changing Tanjiro into a demon so they can be friends, he even suggests maybe that he can be a better protector to his sister. What the demon didn't realize was that this was a plan and Tanjiro struck, first by headbutting Gyutaro in the face and at the same time stabbing him in the leg with a Kunai that was used in a previous episode by Tengen's wife Hinatsuru, which was laced with poison. It works for a moment as Tanjiro attempts taking his head again while the poison works. Its awesome. Flame Breathing is awesome and as Tanjiro gets stronger in the use, the better the fights he's going to have.

Daki see's that her brother is in trouble and tries to attack Tanjiro, but Zenitsu appears from the rubble he was stuck under with god like speed, he attacks attempting to take Daki's head. Both demons look to be in trouble again, but Gyutaro is just too damn strong as he pushes back Tanjiro with his blood demon art, striking faster and faster as time goes by, as the poison dissipates he gets stronger, and just when it looks like a killing blow is about to happen, Tengen jumps into the fray once again, this time with one hand.

Tengen Uzui is a beast. He doesn't give a crap about the pain and he's figured out Gyutaro's attack and times it for a perfect defense while moving forward for his own strikes. He's still on par with the Demon and gets hit a few times while pushing towards his enemy. Tanjiro follows and waits for the perfect time to strike, when he does he's stabbed in the chin his the blood sickle, and he continues to try to cut Gyutaro's head off. At the same time Zenitsu is almost there at cutting Daki's head off, but can't seem to do it, not until Inosuke, who is bleeding all over the place and spitting out blood, appears and attacks with his twin swords. Both teams of Inosuke with Zenitsu and Tengen with Tanjiro cut through at the same time, destroying the two demons. The heads flew into the air and rolled towards each other, dying, their last sight being of each other.

All seemed well, but I guess Gyutaro had some kind of Predator like demon bomb go off after he was beheaded. Tengen screams run to Tanjiro who is basically half dead and poisoned and the episode ends with a giant explosion. The next thing we see is the credits rolling to somber ass music. All is not well. I don't know if anyone is dead, I doubt it, but the explosion had to mess these guys up even more, maybe even killed one of Tengen's wives. All I know is that with the news of these Demons dying someone will have to pay. You can't keep taking out Muzan's top ranked Demons and not pay for it.

Great episode, amazing fights as usual. The fights visually are stunning and breathtaking, I love the style. The story continues to move forward, although this was just a pure battle episode, which I don't mind. I'll give it a 4.5 out of 5. Again, Demon Slayer has another great episode, a trend that I don't see stopping anytime soon.

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