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Demon Slayer: Ep 11


The finale of Demon Slayers second season has come and gone. We left the last episode on a cliffhanger and are thrown right into what happened when Tengen screamed at Tanjiro to run. I love this show, I love the music, which is absolutely amazing, not to mention the art work, most especially the fights, are breathtaking. So lets talk about this episode, was it good or bad?

The good of this show is the characters developing, the banter, the story in general is great. This episode was basically just a check list of what happened after the fight against Gyutaro and Daki, much like they have previously done, they dedicate some time about the characters who were demons, about their backstory and why they are the way they are, giving us some connection those who have turned, so we feel some sort of emotion towards the way their lives ultimately changed.

Tanjiro is the ultimate good person in the Demon Corp since he knows that these Demons, although they've done some horrible shit, that they were once human and this "Demon" side of them isn't the real them, he gives them moments to reflect and wishes nothing but hope for them in the next plane of existence. He's even gone as far as staying with the dying demons, showing remorse and basically letting the demon know they aren't alone.

This episode brough us one of those backstories about Gyutaro and Daki, how they came to be in the position they are, it also shows that Daki has never felt like she was worth anything and she's always believed she was weak, that she blames herself for dying, and even comes to grip with her faults as she cries for Gyutaro reminding him that he would always be by her side. The brother and sister love each other and want to protect each other from all harm. Even after their death they are caught in a grayish area of the afterlife with two directions, Gyutaro tells Daki to go towards the light but knows deep down he himself is a demon through and through, that he refuses the light no matter what. Daki cries and tells him that they are supposed to be together forever, protecting each other. A reluctant Gyutaro carries Daki on his back and walks through the fires of hell while Daki is emotionally broken. I was iffy on liking these characters but they grew on me much like Zenitsu and Inosuke have.

Nezuko had a major part of this episode with her healing ability using blood art on all the Demon Corp team. Which was hurt the episode a little bit, since everything that happened in the prior episodes give it less meaning I think. But I like Nezuko so I'll let it slide.

Tengen Uzui! If this arc did anything, it made Tengen a god damn fun character to watch. The Sound Hashira played the ultimate Ninja that brought some flashy ass scenes into the series. What a great character! He was healed, but with only one hand, can he be an asset to the corp? Despite the fight he put up against Gyutaro, I don't think so and neither does Tengen because he said he would retire. He told his wives I believe that he would retire once he defeated a upper rank demon which he helped do, he also made Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke better warriors. He even mentions that Tanjiro shows amazing promise of becoming a Hashira himself, especially since with Tengen retiring and Rengoku's death, they'll need to replenish their numbers, especially after this win which will ultimately get to Muzan, the head of all demons.

The episode was good but not great which is understandable after the epic fights we got the last few episodes, all in all I didn't mind it. It ends on a high note with the fact that Upper 3 Demon Akaza is asked to meet with Muzan, which means hell is coming for the Demon Slayers and/or Tanjiro will get his revenge against Rengoku's killer. Rating wise I'll give it a 3.8 out of 5. There was a lot of crying in this episode from all parties, a lot, but I guess they deserve a little cry for all they've been through in this arc.

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