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Demon Slayer: Defeating an upper rank Demon

Last week we got an amazing episode in the Demon Slayer and this week was more of the same. We get more brilliant fighting, some scary moments, a sick move, and a crazy heart wrenching cliffhanger! It was definitely a flashy episode!

Tengen Uzui gets a few moments of flashbacks where he's with his wives having a picnic and a show of respect to his brother by his grave, showing he's the last of his families clan, the last of the boys who remain alive. We kind of get a hint that he loves all his wives, but one, Hinatsuru seems to have his heart a little more than the others.

In real time the battle rages on as Tengen and Tanjiro are about to behead Gyutaro blood he not only blocks the attack with his sickles, he talks trash and shows yet another maneuver in his repertoire which catches the demon slayers both off guard, making Tengen kick Tanjiro away from the attack and taking Gyutaro on one on one with a maneuver of his own to counter the attack.

It goes bad quickly as Hinatsuru, who is standing on the roof after trying to help was grabbed by Gyutaro and holy crap was I scared for her. I honestly thought this is the end, as Tengen freaks out but can't do anything except defend against the attacks he was barely getting by in the first place. They went into flashback mode again and I assumed it was to give us more of a kick to the gut once we saw Gyutaro kill Hinatsuru. But Tanjiro, went full Goku and used two breathing techniques and merged both flame and water breathing together to create a flashy attack that saved Hinatsuru, which Tengen greatly appreciated.

Zenitsu and Inosuke continue to defend against Daki, who they just came seem to get close to, not until Tanjiro enters the battle, which at that point the duo of Zenitsu and Tanjiro defended Inosuke as he aggressively looked for an opening to the point that he even took shots to his body just to get to a surprised Daki, who probably thought Inosuke was crazy.

Then I witnessed one of the greatest, yet sick moments I've seen in an anime...He began sawing her neck with his swords to behead her. It was awesome, but definitely made me go, "Oh....ohhhh...Shit...," while laughing,

All is well and it seems that the Slayers have the upper hand, then my smile turned into a shocked look of despair, which made me sit up a little more and get closer to the television. My mind swirling with emotion and sadness as moment after moment my characters, my demon slayers were taken down. Out of nowhere Gyutaro stabbed Inosuke, who had his sisters head and was running around talking trash, when blood sickles when through his back and came out from his chest. His body fell limp and his swords began sliding down the roof.

As if life couldn't get worse, Tanjiro saw Tengen laying unconscious with his arm cut off, and another attack quickly had Zenitsu push Tanjiro off the roof with him falling with his teammate trying to avoid a death blow by Gyutaro. Thats how they ended it! This cliffhanger was better than last weeks! This episode definitely garners a 4.7, mostly from the damn last few scenes and the scares in between.

I think the Slayers were a little to over confident in both their abilities and numbers. Although Daki is a pain in the ass to fight, she was beheaded three times now, its Gyutaro that's the nightmare to deal with and I'm curious with the two Demon Slayers incapacitated how Tanjiro and Zenitsu will get through this potential battle of two vs two in the next episode.

Awesome episode that grabs ahold of you and makes you want more!

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