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Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons

I'm used to the Slade Wilson who tortured the Teen Titans, namely Robin in the Teen Titans animated series, or the Deathstroke that had a minor part in the Young Justice Series, even his character in the animated movies where he took over the League of Assassins and became the main enemy of Damien Wayne, Batmans son.

I wasnt sure what we would get in this film, but I was both surprised and underwhelmed of where the film went.

It's basically Deathstroke later in life, after most the things hes done, and hes still doing his thing despite having a family and a son, lying about what he does for a job, obviously, you cant tell your kid or wife that you're about to go murder dozens of people for money.

His personal life comes under attack and puts his sons life in harm's way, not to mention almost gets his wife killed. So Slade strikes back and almost kills his son in the process, that's where things get interesting. It bounces from that to ten years later.

The story is about Slade and his family. How all the lies and mistakes hes made have come full circle, and he needs to take action no matter what happens, and no matter what the cost. It shows Slade Wilson is almost human, thinking that leaving his family would save them but In actuality it made things worse, showing that running from your problems is never the best course of action.

There's a couple of reveals in this that catches you by surprise in a good way and it gets to the point where you're rooting for Deathstroke to succeed.

It's a good but not great animated DC film that falls to the high bar DC animated has created within its universe that has far surpassed anything Marvel has done in the animated genre. This film gets a solid 3.2 Katana slices out of 5, a decent B grade from me.

As always, have you seen it? Did you like it? Comment down below and let us know.

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