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Deathdream or Dead of Night or The Night Andy Came Home or Why you shouldn't listen to your Mother.

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Before talking about this beautiful film, I must say that it's a very excellent written film. It deals with the subject of going off to war and death and the yearning for those you love to come back even if they come back entirely not the same. I have friends in the military and family who fought for this country, and it's true they never are the same when they come home.

The film "Deathdream" or what is also called "The Night Andy Came Home". It's a very well-done horror film directed by Bob Clark. The same man made beautiful films such as Porky's and my favorite Christmas film, A Christmas Story.

I believe most parents said to their kids once they went off to war. So the story revolves around a young man named Andy, who is serving in Vietnam. While out on patrol, he steps into the crosshairs of an enemy sniper and is dying. He can hear his mom calling out to him, saying, "Andy, you'll come back. You've got to. You promised." The scene is chilling and has a very emotional pull on the viewer.

But as the war continues without any end in sight. Andy dies, which was the style at the time. As a few weeks pass, the family gets news that Andy was killed, so the family mourns the loss of Andy, and just like that, there's a knock at the door, and to everyone's surprise, it's Andy. The family rejoices and celebrates, and from out of nowhere, someone brings up the fact that they heard he was dead. To which Andy says in a very monotone way that he was. Everyone takes this as a joke as Andy just sits there, and after a few awkward moments, people start to laugh, thinking it's nothing more than a joke. But little do they know all hecks going to break loose, especially with that yappy little dumb dog and that idiot mom.

That's right, I forgot to mention there's a yappy little dog that really loved Andy, and since he's a comeback, it tries to warn the family that it's not Andy. He barks at Andy and tries to protect his loving living family from Andy. But yet everyone is blind to it. Especially the mother who you'd think would notice something was wrong, especially since he wears sunglasses at night like some kind of a nerd. But little do they know that something is hiding behind those glasses.

A little later on, the father figures out something's off with Andy. Since his new favorite hobby is sitting in a rocking chair at home wearing his sunglasses.