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Death of Superman

Wow. DC continues to impress me with their Animated movies and cartoon series, it diesbt change with the Death Of Superman. Absolutely amazing and done right, not like they did in Batman vs Superman the live action film, this animated movie shows the true Doomsday.

Doomsday comes to Earth and slowly murders people left and right until the Justice League intervenes, but they have no damn chance. Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern get their asses kicked. Batman does hit and run tactics but that only works for so long.

Wonder Women holds her own and fights Doomsday head to head like the amazon she is, even gets some big hits on their behemoth, but it only lasts for a few minutes when Doomsday absolutely wrecks her and pounds her into oblivion like he had the rest of the Justice League.

When Superman arrives, hope comes with him, Diana quickly tells Clark that he cant hold back this time before passing out. Superman presses his attack and they duke it out like two heavyweight boxers. Real quick superman begins to understand this monster is playing for keeps. Superman begins to bleed right off the bat and hes obviously not used to that type of punishment.

So back and forth Superman and Doomsday go, like a cruel form of tango, blasting each other with laser shots from each others eyes, tossing each other into buildings, punching each other in the face so hard that the ground crumbles beneath them.

Louis is trying to do the reporting thing and sees superman is in trouble, she even tells him he needs to call in the calvary which he replies, "I am the calvary," before smashing doomsday into the sky.

The movie reminded me of the old Death of Superman comic that came out in the early 90s, that was followed by the Reign of Supermen, which followed four different people who portrayed superman one way or another. They even set that up during this film.

All in all, the plot was simple, the little emotion arcs between several characters were small but effective, we dont need a ton of backstory because we lived with these characters for a long time, we know them.

With the fight raging on and Metropolis being devastated, Superman makes one last heroic move, this coming after Louis basically tried to sacrifice herself in distracting Doomsday so Superman could get up. I really thought they were gonna let Doomsday kill her, but Supes got pissed off and went Ludicrous Speed smashing two fists into Doomsdays chin snapping his neck around killing him instantly while impaling superman, killing him seconds later. Doomsday, Zod, who is gonna be next on Supermans reign of neck breaking terror?

Greatly done as always by DC, definitely entertaining and pretty bloody, I'm not sure how many innocent people doomsday crushed into nothing but blood into the wind, I wasnt ready for that, but I loved it. Doomsday didnt come to mess around, he came to drop kick motherfuckers and make a name for himself, and you know what, he did.

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