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Dear Spider

Updated: May 8, 2021

Dear Spider,

Yes, I saw you hanging on to the radiator inside the bathroom, staring at me in disgust, knowing full well that I had murderous intent, you slowly climbed back into the darkness as coldness arose throughout my body.

There was a moment of unpredictability between us, almost a stalemate, like we were two gunslingers in the wild west at sundown waiting in silence for one of us to make the first move. But neither of us moved with reckless intent, maybe I should have been aggressive in our encounter, being that you are an outsider who wasnt invited.

My appetite of total destruction of the insect species was halted as it were, because you were the size of a Xenomorph and I didnt know what kind of powers you possessed. Did you have the jumping ability to lash out at me and attach yourself to my clothes, sending me screaming like a little girl into the night? Did you have some sort of poisonous bite that would incapacitate me in order for you to impregnate me with some sort of parasite that would erupt from my chest? These questions will now go unanswered since I hesitated to make a move, which I now regret.

It's like if I met Freddy Krueger, knew of the potential murdering spree he would cause, had a chance to act and refused, letting the burnt man to resume his rampage over teenagers. I had the ability to stop it, but I didnt. I should of killed you. Now I have to live with that, knowing some day you will appear to stare me down in your menacing way.

But I warn you now, I will show no mercy next time and I will have no remorse as I destroy you. Whether it's by a flame thrower or my shoe of power, you will die by my hand. So I implore you, leave now before its to late. Go be with your family before I take you from them, forever. Its your choice. Before you cross that line, remember, it's not worth it. Leave the house or leave this Earth, the choice is yours.

I feel like I need to assemble a team of insect murdering humans to protect the household now, pretty much hired assassins that will patrol the bathroom at night to stop this murderous looking monster.

Respectfully yours,


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