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DC vs Vampires V1

If you haven't read any of this series....leave! Go now, before its too late!

Are you gone? Okay, lets continue.

Well if you head to you can get your hard copy of Volume 1 of DC vs Vampires for 21 bucks and just remember while reading this fun book....Don't trust anyone!!

So what is so special about this series? Well, I haven't read all of it as I'm waiting for each hardcover to come out to read it which sucks cause I'll be behind, but it is what it is, I'll be patient and wait....maybe.

The world of Vampires is in turmoil as the leader of the Vamps had rules, rules that kept the Vampires from the human world and from attacking the planet as they are extremely powerful. That Vampire, the Queen is dead. Murdered. No one knows by who and the world has no idea this is going on, a Vampire tried finding out who the murderer was and after following leads realized what was happening and needed to escape to tell someone who can stop it.

In comes the Justice League....After Green Lantern brings the Vampire in and asks questions, he realizes to late as Lantern is in fact infected, he is a Vampire. God damnit, I said don't trust anyone man! This caught me off guard and in fact there will be several moments of "Holy shit" before I even get done with the book. This move pushes the thought in your head that anyone can be a Vampire.

Watching the best friends of Flash and Green Lantern talking alone far from prying eyes made me want to punch Lantern in the face, it made me go, "Don't let Lantern near you Flash!" Then after luring his best friend in close he catches him off guard so he can't run, revealing he's a vampire, and tells his best friend he pleaded to the King of the Vampires, the one who started this mess, to let him turn him into one of them. The King said that if he did, Flash, with his speed and his enormous appetite would end the world, that no one would be able to stop Flash from devouring everything and everyone, he needed to die. God damn! People are getting offed left and right and we have to just stand by and see who will come out of this chaotic craziness of a story and I'm not sure up to this point if anyone will!

The King of the Vampires is being hidden, the story doesn't want us to know yet, so that makes you suspect everyone even more. They also make it known that the Vampire who wanted to stop this, has indeed left a letter to Batman, Batman gathers his team together and tests everyone without their knowledge to see if anyone is a Vampire, the tests prove that the Bat family is untouched as of yet. Batman then goes into the problem that is arising, that the threat is real and has already decimated the Villains. Most of the Legion of Doom are either dead or turned, a huge roster of former enemies have dropped off the face of the Earth and are suspected by Batman to have already been infected by these damn Vampires. The plan is to stop it but also find the king, the one responsible. They also can't trust the rest of the Justice League, so this splinters most of the team.

Green Lantern fractures the super team even more when he says they have evidence that Batman murdered the Flash that he is indeed a Vampire. What a dick! As most of the team goes along with it, Wonder Women feels something is off with Lantern and corners him, even uses her lasso to get the truth out of him, and that asshole with his new powers hypnotizes her, which lets him get close, which allows him to bite her, turning her into a Vampire. The top dogs are falling like crazy people!

People with powers are dropping like crazy at lightning speed and no one even knows a war has started, they have no idea who the leader is and what they even want. The assume its Joker and they are hunting for clues to see if its correct.

The Suicide Squad has a small part within this story and seems to be over their head with their mission, they drop like flies against their Vampire foes. Nothing is looking good at this point for anyone, heroes or villains, they are falling quickly. The mission is from Amanda Waller and is lead by Batgirl, the mission to find the Joker and bring him in, because all the clues they've found up to this point has pointed at the Joker as the King of the Vampires.

Meanwhile....Constantine is almost killed by Zatanna, who just got done murdering the Penguin! Everyone is going to die people! No one is making it out of this war! She is stopped and Constantine doesn't kill her, he lets her go to have a talk with his good friend, which was fun to see. Meaning maybe that the person they were isn't fully dead. But that's short lived as Dr. Fate comes in, Zatanna tries to attack and is stopped by her friend, only for Fate to kill Zatanna which pisses Constantine off. I'm assuming Fate and Constantine will be major players as the main story plays out, probably as the heroes meant to stop this plague.

As the Suicide Squad is on their mission, the Bat cave is compromised by Green Lantern and Wonder Women against Batman and Green Arrow. Batman knows they are vampires but doesn't know who else is as Superman and company enter the cave to confront Bruce and tell him that they will help him, this all coming from when Wonder Women and Green Lantern show evidence that Batman is a Vampire who killed Barry Allen, one of their dearest friends.

A fight breaks out as Batman doesn't trust any of them, this also pushes Batman to use Kryptonite on Superman taking him out of the picture. This was the one thing that made me shake me head throughout the comic, Batman taking out Superman that way only leads to one conclusion, a terrible nuclear mistake. After Wonder Women showed her colors she took out Hawk girl who was shocked at the revelation that she just witnessed, but it was too late, Wonder Women struck and bit her, turning yet another hero. Martian Manhunter was pushed into a boom tube off planet by Batman, telling him that to find him when he comes back, thinking that his martian body couldn't be turned, so pushing an ally to safety was the best bet. Green Lantern and Batman barely escape as Tim Drake and Damien Wayne bust through hitting Wonder Women with their motorcycle. The panel of ends with Wonder Women and Green Lantern standing above a human-like Superman who has kryptonite in his system...we don't see it, but we understand what is about to happen. Batman made a mistake that changes the game, they lost a potential game changing piece to this war and I don't see it ended nicely for anyone at this point.

As the Suicide Squad fight off A King Shark Vampire, trying to get to Joker and take him in, some perish in the mission, what they find with Bat girl is something that doesn't make sense.....

As Batman and his Bat family meet in a secret location alongside Green Arrow, they are quickly found and cornered by Green Lantern and Wonder Women who try to get them to turn, pleading almost, only to end the talking with more fighting. A trap set by Batman slows them down to a point, with Alfred even getting involved as he stabs green Lantern. With Wonder Women incapacitated for a moment, Lantern was on his last legs. Green Arrow talks to him and then finally kills his old friend. That must of hurt him bad emotionally.

Meanwhile....Suicide Squad and Bat girl found Joker...he was dead and all his blood drained. All the clues that pushed them to the Joker as the King Vampire were wrong....

Batman gets the news and they both realize the only one that could have done this was with them....

Fucking Dick Grayson.....He played the entire team, used someone else's powers to hide from the tests Batman tried and had their trust and he betrayed them all. He is the Vampire king...I didn't see it coming. Batman has fallen....the fight that ensues is like of one with a cat against a mouse, he trash talks while beating his former brothers who have gone insane with anger. One by one they fell...Tim Drake...Damian Wayne...Red Hood...and I'm assuming Stephanie Brown, the female Robin...Green Arrow barely escapes as several of the Robins were either bit or looks like to be killed. Arrow shoots Red Hood in the heart after he's bitten, Hood literally could of survived but sacrificed himself to potentially stop the spread from the Vampire King right now. It was pretty sad to see the entire team go down.

It ends with the world looking like its in flames...Superman destroys the White house, jungles and forests are burned to the ground. The heroes left can only look on in desperation and anger. How can they survive this? Who will step up to face this threat? Who can withstand the might of these Vampires? Who can you even trust? The world is in shambles from a war they didn't even know they were in, and now the King of Vampires has taken the biggest threats off the chess board, who will stand to stop the undead from claiming the world for themselves!?

The end shows several potential key heroes that will make some noise as Constantine, Dr Fate, Swamp Thing, Man of Steel, and Super Girl are shown in small panels....lets just hope they can rally up with others and take the offensive and not let those who have fallen be forgotten.

All in all this was a 8.5 out of 10 for me personally, loved the art, the story, and the twists and turns we get from the novel. This coming from someone who isn't really into horror type graphic novels, it was fun and was never boring. I can't wait to get the other volumes for my collection.

Here's the cover of the next Volume that's got me hyped!

Can't wait to read the next volume and see who makes it out alive and who will turn in this awesome story!

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