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DC Titans

Well the trailer came out awhile ago and we sit waiting for any type of information or details of what the first live action series has in store for us.

From what I can see, we get a darker DC storyline, especially from Dick Grayson, who is obviously not working with Batman anymore as it shows that there is another Robin and he mmentions he has driven the batmobile before which obviously struck a nerve with Grayson, the original Robin.

I'm not to fond of the costume designs, but its early and all we've got is this trailer and several leaked photos.

So what I gather is Robin, Raven, Beastboy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Terra will be the Titans in season one and will face off against several baddies including Deathstroke, played by Ron Pearlman (HellBoy).

It's one of those hit or misses that you wont know until you actually sit down and watch it. I didnt think I'd like Arrow or Flash, yet I did, and I think that they are going the no nonsense route.

Pretty sure Dick Grayson broke some guys neck in the trailer, right after he said "Fuck Batman." Rough. Wonder what Batman did to piss him off. Not only piss him off, he replaced him! Ouch.

As far as hype goes, there really isnt any, I for one didnt think the trailer was that good which kills me because the Teen Titans cartoon series was awesome.

Bottom line if I had to rate the trailer I'd give it a 1.5 out of 5 karate kicks to the face. I wasnt drawn in and I wasnt really hooked, I wanted this trailer to pull me in to the point where I'm excited about the premiere. But ultimately I'm hoping these not so Teen Titans manage to pull the series off.

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