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Dark Side KOs Dreamer and Flair

Dark side of the Ring is fantastic in its story telling of things we may have read about and not really gotten a full picture of as fans.

On the last episode the Plane ride from hell describes some of the incidents that happened with a plane full of pro wrestlers that were drunk and/or on pills told by one of the flight attendans.

From drugs and alcohol being consumed like water, to one of the bookers ponytails being cut, to Flairs strutting naked.

The story is crazy and it's below here courtesy of YouTube.

Dark side of the Ring basically gives Ric Flair the old knock out punch and I'm assuming Flair knew this episode was coming out and should of been prepared. After drinking and swinging his dick around like a helicopter he decided to get close to that flight attendant to the point where she had nowhere to go, naked, asked her to touch him for several minutes until Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) told him to knock it off. Welcome to destination canceled, because that's what this story is gonna do to Flair.

Tommy Dreamer, who is in Impact Wrestling was suspended immediately after the show took place for his comments and nonchalant way of saying Flair was just having fun and fucking around, that he never intended to do any rape shit. Wtf. I'm not into the whole cancel culture shit, but what in the ever living hell are you talking about Dreamer!?

Welcome to destination canceled my dude.

Did you see the episode? What did you think? Should they have pressed charges way back when? To little to late?

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