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Daredevil trailer, featuring Bullseye review


The new Daredevil trailer for the Netflix series features Bullseye, a former FBI gungho agent who takes things a little to far in his job. He looks like he takes matters way past the line of what's good and bad and loses his job. He doesn't seem to understand why its different between what he does and what the 'heroes with masks' do. Its almost like hes jealous of the freedom they have.

Him losing his job is what pushes him over the edge, he had nowhere to put his anger on, his skills are meaningless. He needs a target to put his anger toward, a job to use his deadly skills. This pushes him in some way to Fisk.

Bullseye is aggressive and looks fkn amazing. It also looks like he kicks the piss out of Daredevil, probably does so throughout the entire season. Netflix has a good habit of making these villains bad, but somehow relatable. (Fisk and Killgrave) They are gonna develop the hell out of him and I feel are gonna make a bad guy we love to hate.

It also looks like they are going the comic book route with Bullseye dressed as Daredevil killing Karen! Holy shit! What would the Punisher think?

Fisk and Bullseye is what's best for buisness.

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