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Daredevil Season 3 Review (No Spoilers)

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Over the weekend I smashed through the third season of Daredevil and it was so worth it. No spoilers below… I don’t want a run in with the Devil. Who looked pretty damn good considering how Brock Rumlow looked after having a building dropped on him.

The season started off a little slow for me, especially the first two episodes while Murdock regains his bearings and re-calibrates his ideals. I understand why this needed to be done on-screen so I’m not too peeved about it. Maybe we didn’t need to listen in while Mathew explained his feelings over and over again to the entire cast though. Although Murdock is decisive in his decision making you can tell he is struggling internally over everything that has happened in his past seasons and the repercussions that have followed. A big theme this season felt like, Don’t let past mistakes define who you are.

The Kingpin has come back in full force and it is a beautiful thing to see. He brings something to the table that I feel like we have never got from the MCU movies. A villain that is smarter than the heros that are tasked with stopping them. The Kingpin doesn’t win battles by punching his way to victory. The Kingpin is the guy that plays chess and is always six moves ahead of you. Strategically moving his pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, and queen into position to secure victory. No matter what you try to do he has already figured out and countered your attempt. Maybe once or twice it was a little unrealistic… but acceptable. It really drove Murdock to the point of insanity and desperation.

So who’s the new guy on the block? Mr. Poindexter or Mr. Bullseye if you prefer. Coming in into this I didn’t know much about Bullseye except for the dreadful Collin Ferrell thing… and that his bones are… well let’s just say that his bones are hard to break. So getting introduced to this iteration of the character it has really left an impression on me. I loved him. Although I am not sure how he landed his job with his background. Maybe they explained it and I totally missed it? If not, the FBI needs to investigate their recruiting department. You quickly see that he is the perfect victim for Fisk to manipulate and transform into the tool that he requires. In several things I applaud the patients that Netflix exercises in the creation of these shows, as I’ve said in the past. Here is another great example. You can tell by watching, that Bullseye is not a complete villain. You can see he has extraordinary talent, which translates into distinct advantages when he comes face to face with the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. However, you can also see that there are skills that the seasoned Daredevil is the clearly superior at. Their conflicts with each other feel like a struggle to keep the fight where they have the advantage and it leads to some great scenes.

I’m still into Foggy Nelson… I can’t say the same thing for Karen Page. The more I saw her on screen, the more she annoyed me. It’s not a knock whatsoever on actress Deborah Ann Woll. I think she is a lovely person and she does a great job playing a character that annoys the crap out of me. We learned a little more about her back story in this season and it only strengthened my growing disdain for her. Foggy just seems like he is more constructive in finding solutions and he is not constantly tripping over his feet directly into danger and not taking any responsibility for their actions.

Kind of off the rails here... but in the big picture, I wonder when season three takes place. Is this before or after Aliens showed up down the street with a giant ship and the intent to dance with Dr. Strange and steal his magic necklace? If it was after, I guess nobody cares at this point. It does seem like Netflix, rightfully in my opinion, has distanced itself from their big screen counterpart. If the MCU won’t give Netflix any love, why should they keep putting themselves out there? I think we need to start identifying them as two separate universes, and stop hoping for a crossover. It’s a shame since Marvel is the godfather of crossovers.

In conclusion, Netflix did it again. Out of the park homerun for Daredevil season three. The story if fantastic and seamlessly picks up all the way back where season one left off. I really felt the gravity of Wilson Fisk being released from prison and what it meant to our protagonists. They introduced meaningful new characters that were very easy to become vested in. The action is superb as always. After getting past the first few episodes, I couldn’t stop watching. They’ve mastered the art of engineering binges as every episode appeared to end on a cliff hanger. There were things I wanted to see in this season that I didn’t get, but after reflecting on it I applaud Netflix again for playing the long game. I was clearly out of line for trying to rush things. They ended the season with a bang, and with a little teaser I am drooling over season four. In the unlikely event that they pull the Daredevil plug and cancel the show prior to a season four… they better hope The Purge doesn’t become a real thing.

Similar to my business associate, I grade this out very highly. I say… 4.5 billy clubs out of 5 billy clubs. It is an amazing continuation of the Daredevil saga. Knocking off a smidge amount of points for the slow start.

Did you finish Daredevil season three? What did you think? Sign up, or log in, and leave a comment below.

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