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Daredevil: season 3 awards

Some spoilers involved with my awards.

4.6 out of 5 Bullseye random kills

MVP of season 3:

My top three here are the Kingpin, FBI agent Poindexter, and Daredevil. It's really close, because I enjoyed all three characters. I'm gonna have to go with Charlie Cox and his Daredevil. He had a tough start and was up and down as a character this season. He wasn't the same warrior we had in the first two seasons or the Defenders, but he pulled it out in the end. He definitely wins the MVP award of season 3.

Rookie of the year:

This was also a tough one, because several character well developed well and I was sucked into the series because of these two. Both FBI agents, Poindexter and Ray Nadeem were superb. And I really wanted to give the award to the man that sacrificed everything to help defeat the Kingpin, but I couldnt stop loving Poindexter and his fall into darkness. So my rookie of the year goes to Bullseye!

Best scene:

Several scenes popped into my head as I'm writing. One, a battle inside prison that was brutal, quick, and just awesome as Matt Murdock is trapped and needs to escape during a riot that Wilson Fisk makes happen. Two, Its not as important, but FBI agent Poindexter loses his shit, drives around with a dead body in the passenger seat wearing the Daredevil outfit to interrupt Fisks wedding. Three, the main event when all shit breaks loose, where Kingpin, Daredevil, and Bullseye all fight each other inside Fisks apartment. It's amazing and well done. It was a tough choice, but I'll go with the three way dance of hell between the three main characters in the season finale.

Biggest annoyance:

Karen Page. I dont know why, but she annoyed me in season 3. I liked her in seasons one and two, but now, I secretly wished Bullseye killed her instead of the priest. When I saw she survived I almost screamed "No!!!". But hey, her days are numbered if there is a season 4, because Bullseye will potentially come for her and finish the job he was hired to do this season. To ultimately send Karen to the fictional afterlife along with Julie, his imaginary girlfriend he stalks.

Biggest Heel Turn:

Several you saw coming. I saw the big one happening before it did, when I saw plastic all over the place when they walked into Tammy Hattleys house, the FBI agent in charge. But when she pulled the gun and shot the other agent in the head, it still surprised me. Which set in motion the blackmailing of Naddem. The whole time they groomed this dude to do what he actually starts doing at this point of the story. That's when I was like, holy shit, Kingpin is amazing, cunning. smart, vicious. And now the FBI is screwed. He owns the FBI, cant beat that.

Final thoughts:

The show started out slow, but it was needed to develop the characters. Daredevil was again amazing. Kingpin solidified himself as a top five baddie in Marvel. Bullseye was much like Anakin Skywalker, slowly driven to the dark where he belonged. This season is probably my favorite out of the three seasons so far. A + for my favorite devil in hell's kitchen, I can't wait for what season 4 will give us.

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