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Daredevil Season 3

Season thrice! This one kind of snuck up on me as I didn’t know it was being dropped October 19th. I am pretty excited none the less. Lucky for us the snap heard round the universe could not cross the boundaries of network contracts so our Defenders are perfectly safe. That’s how you best the Mad Titan… lawyers. Not you Murdock… sit down.

Honestly I wasn’t too thrilled with The Defenders. I never really got into Jessica Jones, IronFist, or Luke Cage and I didn’t even realize I was watching the climax of the story until it was just about over. I’m excited to finally get Matt Murdock back on the prowl in Hell’s kitchen. First thing is first, we need to figure out where he awoke after the events of the Defenders and how he is going to hitch a ride back to the Kitchen. I’m hoping we are done with The Hand but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind a little more Elektra due in part to a small crush… What!? Who said crush?

I’m not up on all of my Daredevil lore, but the trailer showed a Daredevil duplicate. I’m not sure who that guy is but rumor has it, that it could be Collin Farrell. I mean Bullseye!! I know he is one of Daredevil’s arch enemies so it will be great to finally see them collide. I love that Netflix is able to show patients and exercise some self-control rather than just spew everything out at once. There is mild risk, but when it hits, it pays off big time. You could say that they maybe go to the well a few times too often. For example it takes just about a full season or more for every hero to don their traditional hero garb. It took all of season one for daredevil to finally ditch the under armour and put on the cowl. Then all of season two for the punisher to finally put on the most bad ass skull in the history of skulls. Both times it worked as I was salivating for them to suit up.

Wilson Fisk appears to be a major returning thorn, or horn, in the Devil’s side. I like Private Pile playing Fisk. I think he pulls off the character very well. Although it was a little cheesy watching him bench press like 800 lbs in season 2. I know the character is really strong, it just looked really fake in execution.. I digress…

I feel like I have been talking about Spiderman a lot lately with the few recent entries about venom, and I’m going to bring up the wall crawler again here. The one knock on Marvel Studios that I have, is the lack of connectivity between what’s on Netflix, and what’s on the big screen. As I eluded to earlier in this post. I know it is not trivial, and there are a lot of moving parts so it is not a small ask by any means. But damn it would be awesome to see Spiderman team up with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to finish off that pesky Fisk. Kingpin is just as much an enemy of Spiderman’s as he is of Daredevil. In the cinematic sense, maybe given the state of the MCUs spiderman, I believe he is a junior in high school now, he is not hanging around those parts of the city yet. But in reality, I just need to accept that there is likely no chance of spotting an Avenger on Netflix, just as there is no chance of spotting a Defender on the big screen.

I’m going to cut that rant short because I can go on for a while about it. Daredevil season three! October 19th! I’m excited!

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