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Damn the Boston Redsox

After staring at a wall for the last few days, I'm ready to face the world again as I have to watch the Boston Redsox hold up the American League East banner once again.

As a NY Yankee fan, this is painful, it's like being kicked in the groin repeatedly. The equivalent of the Redsox winning our division is like Voldermort killing Harry Potter. It's like that feeling you get when Artax dies in the swamp of sadness in Neverending story. It's not a good feeling.

Now obviously wishes dont come true, because I constantly wish the Redsox and Cowboys get magically whisked away to Narnia and have no way of returning. I've tried throwing coins down a well, hell I've even put a penny down the toilet trying to wish they would go away, but low and behold, nothing.

So now I have to hear another full year of how great the Redsox are and how they are the best in baseball. Thanks. Thanks a lot Yankees. We win 2 out of 3 last series and we have to watch them celebrate in NY, their division title.

Now my only hope is for the Yankees to make the damn playoffs, somehow get out of the wildcard game, and then somehow beat Boston to get what we Yankees fans deserve. Another championship. Yea I said it. Deserve!

So Judge, Stanton, Didi and company need to get their shit together, because I dont think my heart can take another Boston Redsox world series victory, I just cant.

So here's to wishing the Boston Redsox getting swept away to Oz and never returning, along with the Dallas Cowboys.

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