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CM Punked

AEW is a mess, it's that simple. I have an up and down relationship with pro wrestling pretty much since the early 2000s. I'll pay attention, but not fully. Very few have brought me back to the table fully. AJ Styles, Kevin Owen's, HHH's version of NXT, Charlotte Flair, the Bullet Club, and CM Punk. There are a few others, but those are pretty much the lasso's that roped me back in.

AEW now has a big problem. Their world champion has gotten into a fight with several guys who helped start and run AEW, not only that he threw most of them under a bus. CM Punk who I love, is AEW champion and most likely is gonna lose the belt and or get fired from AEW. Most likely though it'll be a "mutual decision" from Tony Khan and CM Punk. Along with that, there is a shit ton of suspensions of several of their top guys, and this moment here may in fact break AEW.

CM Punk was supposed to give MJF, one of the top heels in the world a program in which he most likely would drop the title to the younger talent and the giant push MJF probably deserves. That's probably not going to happen now. MJF gets screwed here. It also makes that world title meaningless to me, honestly John Moxley should have never lost the belt.

It's a shame too, because CM Punk in AEW could of hosted a ton of awesome storylines and arcs against multiple opponents, maybe even taken on Kenny Omega, a dream match of mine and now that dream is blown up. Bridges have not been burned, these AEW bridges have been nuked and utterly shattered into dust, these "co-workers" obviously can't do business with each other, which is too bad, we fans lose out big time.

I'm curious on whether or not Punk loses the title tonight on AEW Dynamite or if he'll just get fired, or what he'll even say. It should be interesting.

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