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Charlie Cox will Return as Daredevil!

Feige Listens to us! Sort of.

Emperor Kevin Feige has confirmed that Charlie Cox is still our Matt Murdock! This is some great news for Marvel fans. Cox as Netflix’s Daredevil has been one of the most outstanding castings, in one of the best stories to date for a Marvel hero regardless of studio and screen size. Since Netflix pulled the plug on Marvel the fans have been adamant that Charlie Cox is our Daredevil. For Feige to here us and recognize the brilliance of Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Daredevil even though it was outside of his own scope shows his commitment to doing the right thing for the fans. While the oft coy Kev-ster didn’t drop any details of Daredevil projects in the works, we need to keep our eyes or, in Murdock’s case, ears open for Easter eggs because the Daredevil watch is officially on! Could we see him as early as Spiderman No way home or within the Hawkeye series on Disney+ ? Both stories do take place in the backyard of the Hell’s kitchen Devil. While Kingpin rumors are heating up, it is natural for Daredevil to follow. But at what cost?

The first step is done. We have Charlie Cox back. Now we transition to step two. What Daredevil are we going to get? While I could not find the quote from big Kev himself I did read that Cox will deliver a fresh take on the character within the MCU. I’ll consider this unconfirmed at the moment because I did not read it directly from Feige’s interview with Cinemablend, it certainly raises the red flags. Flags that are pretty obvious as I previously discussed them all the way back when Netflix pulled the Marvel plug. Cox is damn near the perfect casting for Daredevil. On par with the best of the MCU castings like Downey, Evans, Hemsworth… the list is too long to list. However, what made Daredevil so great is the liberties that Netflix was able to take with the series. And if you haven’t watched the series, stop reading here and start now! Damn it… I’m reliving the blue ball trauma of not getting Daredevil season 4. To go from cliff hanger to “this is over” was devastating. Cox and Netflix gave the Daredevil character a second chance in life. No longer is Daredevil relegated to Ben Affleck memes. In saying this this will be a fresh take on the character, is the not so direct way of saying we can in no way continue the dark, violent, gritty tonality of the Netflix series so we are going to water him down to PG-13. There is almost no chance the MCU simply picks up where the storyline left off so that will continue to be a casualty for the fans. I know Feige is on record saying there is room for a rated R Deadpool in the MCU but DP and DD were clearly two different types of rated R.

Regardless of if the Netflix Daredevil and Kingpin versions of the characters are entering the MCU via the Multiverse or these versions of the characters native to the MCU, if you were a fan of the Netflix Daredevil series, be ready to except some changes to the characters to make them Disney compliant. Like a good marriage, this will be a compromise. We get our Charlie Cox back, but we need to accept the new rules that Daredevil will need to play by.

What are your thoughts on Charlie Cox entering the MCU?

What are your favorite memoires from the Netflix Daredevil series?

Log in and leave your comments below!!

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