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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Unhinged Review

Let's just say what we're all thinking: None of those kids made it out of the Chocolate factory alive.

If you were honest with yourself, Mr Wonka didn't look Like the type that would just let anyone into his factory and just let them loose. The kids saw too much and knew a thing or two that could spell trouble for Wonka.

I'm order to get those kids in the first place, Wonka sent out golden tickets inside candy bars, because this was the only way to bring in suitors to become The Chocolate making serial killer that he needed to train in order to take over the company from him.

Now going back to the beginning of this film about a psychotic delusional candy maker; he basically stalked Charlie, an almost homeless kid who had some decency about him. That is until the Chocolate Hunger games commenced, then it was everyone for themselves with no Katniss Everdeen to save them. The poor kids that won didn't stand a chance with Mr Wonkas insane magical powers that would make Dr Strange extremely jealous.

Wonka employed an assassin, Mr Slugworth, who used Wonkas teleporting powers to entice each winner to steal Wonkas secrets to candy making, especially the newest of them all "the everlasting Gobstopper", a candy that never loses its taste ever. The nut job made something that you could chew on forever, like I want to chew a piece of gum, place it down to suck on tomorrow.

As the winners, all kids by the way, and their Guardians entered the factory, they had no idea they'd never come out again.

Willy Wonkas house of horrors took out the kids one by one where he made everything look like an accident. But was it? Was it meant to look like it? Or was it small gradual attempts to show Charlie of what it took to keep his secrets safe? Maybe this was a Palpatine/Skywalker relationship in which the teacher slowly pushed darkness upon his young disciple in order to push them over the lines that they had established in life, thus Changing them and sending them down a darker path.

So let's go down Wonkas Hit list:

Augustus Gloop: K.I.A.

He drowned in Chocolate and was most likely grinded up and placed in thousands upon thousands of chocolate bars.

Violet Beauregarde: K.I.A

Violet was taken away and popped after chewing gum that she wasn't supposed to be chewing.

Veruca Salt: K.I.A.

Her and her father were incinerated much to Wonkas pleasure.

Mike Teavee: K.I.A.

The first person who ever teleported in history was shrunk down to an inch. His mom placed him in her hand bag, Wonka grabbed the handbag and swung it around most likely breaking the poor kids neck.

All of this was deliberately done in front of Charlie who just shrugged it off like it was just another day of endless murder that he's ok with.

This whole situation was to find Wonkas next dark apprentice who would take over the mantle of candy master, serial killer, and emperor of an army of Oompa Loompa of Loompa Land. A bunch of dancing, singing little people who basically trolled all the people that died.

Charlie then passed Wonkas final test, sacrifice. He and his family were starving and he gave away the one thing that could of made him rich, well, we all know once he gave the everlasting Gobstopper to Slugworth that Charlie would of bit the dust, but he didn't, he gave it back. This showed Wonka that not only is he trustworthy, but he's loyal to Mr Wonka, even after all the murders he witnessed. Wonka and Charlie, it seems got away with many terrible things and most likely continued to do so many years later.

You all know it's true.

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