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Chaotic Me

It's all about me! I know, you can say it, "You selfish Bastard!" Doesn't that feel good? Well this is my hello and who I am post that most people do to introduce themselves when they start.

This is my story.

I was born in a dark and chaotic place, where kids played outside until the lights came on, or until we heard the screeching sound of our mothers voice in the air from a mile away. This place was Paterson New Jersey.

Yes. Holy shit I have tons of memories from school, friends, sports, and even crushes. But I can't be writing all about that here, can I?

Well I remember a crush I had. The girls name was Anna and I was crushing hard for like three years. But me, I was a shy son of a bitch, and socially awkward. Put me in center field and let me bat second and I'll be a happy camper, turning everything off around me, but girls? I just couldnt talk to them. Countless times I'd say the stupidest shit I could possibly imagine and as I'm speaking I knew I sounded moronic, yet I continued to dig myself into a hole that only idiots like me reside in.

So back to Anna. She was awesome and I said I was infatuated with her, idk why, I just know at that age she was my first big time crush. I was told that if I manned the fuck up and asked her out she would say yes. You know, give me a tryout if you will. So now I'm excited as hell and as time went on I became nervous. I needed the perfect opportunity, away from crowds where it's just us, so I can properly ask her out. Low and behold that opportunity arrived. On a gorgeous afternoon I was about to walk home, and for some reason that I cant recall, the other kids weren't really around, it was just her. Walking away alone with none of her friends and none of mine. It felt like destiny. This was my moment. This would be my chance to finally ask this girl who I liked for years out. As I walked toward her it was like an invisible hand stopped me from going further. I watched her walk away knowing this was my one and only opportunity to get this done and I failed. I got numb and just couldnt do it. It sucked. I still remember this all like it was yesterday, I guess it still bothers me and hinders me to this day. I dont take chances, well not enough.

So that was a personal story, small, but a start. I really dont know why that is in my head still, but hey.

Some other small things about me is I love movies. Love! Like fucking love! Not just one genre, all of them. I can watch Marvel movies all day, DC animated movies as well. Put on Wizard Of Oz or White Christmas and I'm definitely watching it.

I'm a die hard Starwars fan, although I'm not in love with the direction they are going.

I love my New York Giants, Knicks, and Yankees even though they continue to disappoint me. Yankees on the other hand have 25 winning seasons in a row, so I cant complain.

Video games?! They are addicting. Call of Duty Black ops 4 isnt the greatest but it is addicting. Madden, BF4, Wildlands, and 2KNBA are my go to games right now. I do play fortnite with my kids, so there is that.

I helped my team win a little league championship. That's as far as I got with team sports lol I do remember my coaches and the team that year. Which is weird, considering I cant remember what I ate yesterday.

I fall in and out of love with wrestling. WWE, ROH, NJPW. Anything really. I still have great memories of VCW, my backyard wrestling federation. If I had to pick a favorite wrestler, it would be either Owen Hart or Bret Hart.

I like reading, writing, and putting the sharpshooter on anyone that looks like Santa.

I once wrestled invisible Goldust. I lost. I dont want to talk about it.

I work in a furniture store, its nuts but I like it for the most part. I'd rather be home writing all day for Rogue Entertainment, but hey, you can't always get what you want.

I have five kids. All of them have their own personalities, issues, and stories to tell. I honestly cant believe how fast time goes with kids, how quickly they grow, and how you desperately wish they could be small forever. Shit depresses me sometimes. Not having my little toddlers laying in bed at night, missing the comfort of their little feet kicking you in the middle of the night or pushing you towards the edge of the bed. It was a pain in the ass, but I miss it.

My relationship is weird, but that's ok. I think it's more about how I am then anyone else. I really dont think I'm normal, but hey, who really is? I guess normalcy is just a myth. One persons normal might be nuts to someone else. I mean theres a line. If I was some person who ate other people, I think that would be weird. That wouldnt be normal.

I'm up and down with losing weight. Holy fuck I need to trim down. I feel like crap, look like a dump, and I know i can get back in shape but I'm procrastinating. Yes fucking procrastinating with little to no motivation. This is killing me. I tell myself I'll get to work on it "tomorrow", but it quickly changes to "maybe the next day." Not good. I need to be kicked in the face maybe then itll push me to getting a move on it.

I have a pass for Planet Fitness. I've gone three times in three years yet I still pay. Fuck my life.

Anyway, this was just a little about me. So to summarize: I'm crazy, chaotic, like movies, like games, have kids, plans to beat up Santa, and has issues with decision making.

Unlike others, I put my name to what I say. I'm Mikie. The best of the best, hero of the East, destroyer of Sauron, leader of the foot clan, rightful king of the world. That's me. Well that's what I am in my head. In reality I'm more like Gollum, hiding in the caves and mountains talking to myself in riddles while yelling "my precious" over and over.

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