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Celebrity Face Swap: Avengers Edition

Haven't posted anything in a bit... At the same time I don't know what to write about. By fan request I will be writing about the walking dead, but first I have to catch up on the current season. In the meantime... Enjoy these Celebrity face swaps, Avengers edition... because it is never too early to countdown to Avengers 4!

The godfather of the MCU himself. Every bit of man, myth, and legend. Grandchildren will be told stories of what Downey has created.

Evans has become iconic in his role as Cap. I will never forget the auditorium erupting when he made his first appearance in Infinity War.

I’ve never felt sexier than when I face swapped with the God of Thunderous physiques. Hemsworth stole the hearts of the fans with Ragnarok.

Many men tried to bring the Hulk to life. No one has succeeded quite like Ruffalo. It is Ruffalo that has fans desperate for a Hulk sequel.