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Monsters, vampires, war oh my!

Fucking love the Animated Castlevania series on Netflix. I just finished season two and I cant wait for season three.

Dracula is both a sympathetic and a vengeful character. Losing his wife, who was human, by religious nuts who believed her to be a witch in season one pushes the story to where the world is going to hell.

After his wife dies hes just not the same. Emotionally hes defeated. He calls in all his dark Warriors and generals to wage a war to wipe out all humans. He has no real strategy in the way this is to be accomplished, he just wants it done. He leans on his generals to figure out the details of the genocide of the human race.

I was skeptical about the series but I love the animation style, story, and the characters. It brings me back to my younger days spending hours playing Castlevania 4 on super Nintendo.

So Dracula is cool as hell, you understand his story, and you feel for his wifes death. When he calls for his generals you see that there is a lot of infighting between them. They are not fully invested into the war that would ultimately kill off their food.

The main characters you follow are Draculas Son Alucard, Trevor Belmont who is the last remaining member of his monster hunting family, and a powerdul magical women named Sypha Belnades. I cant say enough how well they worked together as characters.

Trevor Belmonts family legacy is to face the evil of the world and fight it head on, with Dracula there main enemy. But now, hes alone in the world. That's why it's fun to see a loner with two other characters that grow on him. Especially the bickering and banter between him and Draculas son.

Alucard is also alone. He doesnt agree with what his father is doing and is willing to kill him to stop the war on his mothers people. He also has a love hate relationship with Belmont that ultimately moves into a friendship that I hope they delve into for season three. At the end of the season you can tell hes a wreck emotionally and misses his mother, which he holds in until hes alone and sitting in his childhood home. Memories pop in and out of his head sitting in his father's study inside Dracula's castle.

Sypha reminds me a lot of The Last Airbenders Katara, where multiple times she takes charge, you see shes more powerful than she realizes, and she ultimately keeps the group of three on the right track. Shes the anchor of the group and keeps things moving along. As time goes on she becomes more confident in her abilities and shows it fully when she uses her Magic to begin the end game.

The show stealing end battle in Draculas Castle is epic, as the trio of heroes work well together. I dont want to give to much away considering its probably one of the best sequences in the show.

Even the side characters are interesting. The two humans who can make reanimate the dead remains of anything to join the war on humanity, their own people. The asshole barbarian general who cant stop talking shit, Godbrand. The evil mistress Carmilla who is cunning and slowly creates friction between Draculas generals to divide everyone for her own gains. Awesome stuff.

The show is wonderfully brutal and is fully invested in an adult feel to the story. The secondary characters are fun as well and it sets up season 3 potentially with a new war between two evil armies.

4.7 stakes to the heart for this animated masterpiece!

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