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Bumblebee to rescue Transformers series

December 21, 2018 Will bring us back into the world of the Transformers. Yay, I basically consider this a Hollywood birthday present as of the last few years they've given my Star wars films on or days after my birthday.

So the trailer doesn't show to much, but I'm glad Travis Knight is directing this film. The former animator and director of Kubo and the two strings (awesome by the way), takes the helm of Bumblebee.

The information that I gathered up from long lost caves had stated that their will be three Decepticons in this film, all of which are hunting the popular Autobot on Earth.

The three baddies are Blitzwing, Dropkick, and Shatter. Yeah. I thought I knew my Transformers, apparently not.

Its obviously not a reboot but a little prequel never hurt anyone. Especially with the direction Michael Bay has taken the franchise.

It looks like a fun movie and makes Bumblebee even more likable than before, which should be impossible.

The trailer itself made me more interested in the Decepticons that will hunt Bee, it also showed that this will probably a great character developed movie, something we havent really gotten in the previous Transformers movies.

Will other Autobots show up? Peter Cullen is mentioned in the cast as hes the voice of Optimis Prime, but that could just be a short voice over in the beginning of the movie or even at the end since this takes place in the same universe of what Michael Bays films showed and this is based in 1987. Other than that, I think Bee is flying solo here. Which sucks for him, three on one isnt great odds. (Never tell me the odds!)

Overall I'm actually pretty pumped up for this movie, its looks fresh and Michael Bay isnt directing. (Yay!) It also helps that I'm a fan of Travis Knights work.

I'm sure another trailer will hit the internet soon enough, to pull us in a little further, and to get us excited just enough to buy our tickets early.

So until then my fellow autobots, Roll out!

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